Virginia Square Sector Plan Review (DRAFT -- 1/29/01)

Scope: The recent approval of a high-rise apartment building in the Virginia Square Metro station block raised community interest in reviewing the Virginia Square Sector Plan, adopted in 1983. The Virginia Square Sector Plan Review Committee, a community group, was formed last year and provided the impetus to begin the process. The following are key issues that should be addressed as part of this review:

Parks, Open Space,
And Cultural Amenities

Transportation, Parking
And Circulation

Urban Design Other Important

Virginia Square Sector Plan Review: Proposed Process and Time

2001 -- Month County Staff Tasks Public Process
January - Define scope of work and determine planning process

- Set-up interdepartmental working group

- Initiate data collection

- Meeting with the Virginia Square Sector Plan Review Committee (VSSPRC) to review scope of work and time table
February - Evaluation of existing plans and adopted vision and goals for Virginia Square. Reassessment of the vision and goals developed for Virginia Square as part of previous planning efforts. Prepare summary of findings - 1st Community Meeting/Walking Tour - to identify issues, discuss planning process, and provide an introduction to the planning history of the area - including a look at the 1983 Virginia Square Sector Plan (February 24th)
March - Develop a preliminary vision (concept and illustrative plans) - 2nd Community Meeting: presentation of findings and visioning session
April - Revise vision as needed - Tentative work session with County Board
May - Develop an action plan (including land use, urban design, marketing and transportation recommendations) - 3rd Community Meeting - presentation of refined vision and recommendations
June - Prepare Draft Plan - 4th Community Meeting - present Draft Plan
July/August - Finalize Draft Plan and prepare request to advertise
September - County Board meeting - Request to Advertise Adoption of Plan

- Presentation of Final Draft Plan to relevant Commissions

October/ November - Prepare final staff reports and presentation - Public hearings with Planning Commission and County Board for Adoption of Plan Addendum
December - Publish adopted Plan Addendum

Participants in the Community Process

Key County Agencies

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