BVSCA Newsletter September 1999


September 28 Meeting Agenda

7:00 pm Executive Committee meeting

7:30 pm Full Membership Meeting
7:40 pm Pedestrian Safety (see description following)
8:40 pm Dog Exercise Area Update (see description following)
9:15 pm Adjournment

BVSCA dues paying members may participate as observers in meetings of the BVSCA Executive Committee. Note: BVSCA Membership Meetings are held on the last Tuesday of each month from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm at the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) building, 4301 Wilson Boulevard, in Room CC-2 of the Ellipse Conference Center. Free garage access is provided at NRECA's underground parking garage for BVSCA meeting attendees arriving between 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm only. After 8 pm, the garage's automatic exit device allows exit-only traffic.

Talk the Talk, or Walk the Walk?!

The Ad Hoc Committee on North Glebe Road Pedestrian Safety released a report on July 25, 1999, outlining steps that the county can take to improve access, visibility, timing, and safety of pedestrian crossings at these two intersections. The committee, which included representation from both the Ballston-Virginia Square Civic Association and the Bluemont Civic Association, will provide its findings and recommendations at a September 28 meeting to be jointly sponsored by BVSCA, the Arlington County Civic Federation, and the Bluemont, Ashton Heights, Waycroft-Woodlawn, and Hyde Park Civic Associations. Walk over to hear a presentation on what is being proposed and what steps have been taken thus far to address this important issue in our neighborhood. The BVSCA representative to the Ad Hoc Committee on North Glebe Road Pedestrian Safety is Mr. Ben Axleroad, whose number is (703) 525-3083.

Dogged Determination

At the August 31 meeting of BVSCA, there was general support expressed for identifying a site in the Rosslyn-Ballston corridor to be designated as a dog exercise area and to be operated under sponsorship of Arlington Dogs. However, there were a number of concerns raised about one particular site identified by County staff as a potential dog exercise area. The proposed site, on the Kirkwood Road pumping station lot, is within BVSCA boundaries. Neighbors, who cite concerns of traffic, wildlife disruption, noise, and environmental concerns, oppose this particular site and are interested in exploring alternative sites. During the September 28 BVSCA meeting, a representative of Arlington Dogs will present photos of other Arlington exercise areas and distribute current regulations for dog exercise areas. Chris Wadell, a BVSCA member, is heading a task force to identify other possible sites. Chris may be reached at (703) 465-9500 or by email at

BVSCA Celebrates Neighborhood Day

Come meet your neighbors in the Ballston-Virginia Square neighborhood! On Saturday, October 23, Arlington will celebrate its third annual Neighborhood Day. To commemorate this day of community spirit, BVSCA neighbors will meet for an informal pot luck picnic on Saturday, October 23 from 3:00 to 5:00 pm in the park behind The Nature Conservancy between the 1000 block of N. Stuart and N. Taylor Streets. As an added benefit, you can view the native plant species of Virginia planted in the park. Please bring your own chairs, beverages (alcohol is not permitted), serving utensils, and a dish to share. Eating utensils and paper goods will be provided. There a few picnic tables and lots of bench seating. Please note: There will be no rain date for the picnic.

Hot Wired

Web page. The BVSCA web page is located at Monthly newsletters and related information are posted on the site. Many thanks to Bob Amos, who responded to our plea for help in updating and expanding the site. We look forward to a new look in the weeks to come. Another good site to bookmark is the Arlington County home page at This site lists time and place for local events, advisory group meetings, and contact information for County staff offices.

Listserv. All members and friends of the Ballston-Virginia Square Civic Association are cordially invited to become members of the BVSCA mailing list. This is a good way to stay current on neighborhood news and events. Here's how to subscribe. Send an email message to the list coordinator, William P. Jackson, Jr. (Bill), at advising that you would like to join the list. Include your name and post office address in your message, along with the email address or addresses from which you will be sending messages. When you are added to the list, you will automatically receive a "Welcome" message with more details regarding how to use the mailing list. The important thing to remember is that a message sent by a BVSCA listserv member to will automatically be relayed to all listserv members! It's that easy. In order to prevent senders of unsolicited commercial email from using our list for unauthorized purposes, only listserv members may send messages to the mailing list from a subscribed address. If you use more than one email address, be sure to ask that all of your addresses be subscribed. Then, put in your address book. By sending an email to this address, you can share news with the entire BVSCA mailing list.

Volunteer Opportunities

Many thanks to the folks who volunteered to help BVSCA with web design and newsletter distribution in the Ballston Area. We still need the support of interested neighbors who would like to contribute time and talent to our organization, specifically in the following areas:

If you are willing to help - even on a sporadic basis - please contact DeAndra Beck at (703) 528-5126.

Miscellaneous News Items

Seniors Take Note. The Arlington County Sheriff's Office and the Arlington Citizens' Crime Prevention Council have initiated a new program to provide safety checks on senior residents who live alone. The program will allow for any Arlington resident to register with the Sheriff's Office to receive daily phone calls. If contact is not made, a patrol unit will be dispatched to the home of the resident. For more call the Arlington County Sheriff's Office at (703) 228-4460.

Y2K Blues. Are you upgrading your printer? BVSCA would be glad to relieve you of your slightly outdated printer. The printer should be PC compatible, and color is optional. We do need the original printer software to facilitate installation. If you can help, please contact Jeffrey Green at (703) 276-2723. Note: BVSCA is not formally registered as a tax exempt, nonprofit organization, but we're happy to accept your contribution nonetheless!

Gardeners' Delight. On October 2 from 10-11:30 am, the Northern Virginia Master Gardeners will present a seminar entitled "Water-wise Garden Basics." Learn the basics behind "water-wise" techniques and how you can apply them at home. Visits to the nearby butterfly and other theme gardens will be included. Meet at the entrance of the parking lot at the Water-wise Demonstration Garden at the Alexandria YMCA, 420 E. Monroe Ave. Dress for the weather. For information call (703) 228-6414.

Vote!! During the November 2, 1999 General Arlington, Arlington voters will participate in a special pilot project requiring all voters to show identification when they come to vote. Acceptable forms of identification include: a voter information card, driver's license or DMV ID card, a social security card, or any pre printed identification with: your name and photograph, your name and address, or your name and signature (except credit cards).

Candidate's Night Broadcast. The Channel 33 schedule for showing the Arlington County Civic Federation Candidates Night debate is as follows:

9/27 @ 4:00 PM
10/1 @ 10:30 AM
10/9 @ 5:30 PM
10/11 @ 5:30 PM
10/23 @ 5:30 PM

Census Consensus. Every household will receive a 2000 federal census. No matter how long you've lived in the neighborhood, if you live here on April 1, 2000, you should complete a census form.

Textiles Recycling. On Saturday, October 16 from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm, you can put old textiles to good use by recycling them at the Courthouse Farmers' Market (N. 14th and Uhle St.). Recycle unwanted clothing, handbags, hats, paired socks, and shoes (no high heels, please), drapes, curtains (except those with foam backing), sheets, towels, and fabric remnants larger than 15 inches by 15 inches. Please do NOT include greasy, mildewed, or dirty materials. Items should be washed, dried, and placed in plastic bags. For more information call (703) 228-6570.

President's Prerogative

Kudos to the County Board for its recent decision to waive homeowner assessment for curb, gutter, and sidewalk improvements effective in July 2000! We can look forward to improved pedestrian safety, better street maintenance, and significant aesthetic appeal. There are a number of streets in our neighborhood lacking curb, gutters, and sidewalks as identified in the BVSCA Neighborhood Conservation (NC) Plan. There are a few details to be worked out, including determination of neighborhood survey requirements. Stay tuned for more information!

DeAndra Beck
President, BVSCA

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