BVSCA Membership Meeting September 2007

September 25th Meeting Agenda

Time: 7:00PM
Place: BVSCA's community room located on N.Utah Street between the Willow Restaurant and the Windsor Plaza condominiums.

Election of Officers for 2007-08

President, Vice President, eventually Treasurer

Committee members or personnel update; names of representatives who represent us. Review the committees, and the delegates and members.

Issues to be discussed and resolved: (1)Volunteer to manage the Yahoo Groups List Serv (Enter names of people who join BVSCA), (2) Recruit a new Treasurer to replace Jane Yang, (3) Recruit a newsletter editor, (4) Consider forming a Program Committee, (5) Consider a Membership Committee, (6)Name a Parliamentarian, and (7)Research the requirements of the Civic Federation.

Site Plans

A review of intentions of developers for construction of new buildings, facilities, etc. in the BVSCA area.

Volunteers are needed who are interested in attending some of these site plan meetings for BVSCA. The Association comments in writing about planned developments.

Washington-Lee High School

Information, progress, facilities, etc.

Arlington County Police Information

Captain Kevin Reardon, 2nd District

Presentation on Historic Preservation Program

National Register of Historic Places for the Monroe Court row houses in the BVSCA area. Michael Leventhal, 703 228 3813,

Program Overview: The Historic Preservation Program helps identify, preserve, and protect Arlington's historic resources. Working with the Historical Affairs and Landmark Review Board (HALRB), program staff researches and designates historic sites, surveys buildings and neighborhoods, and promotes preservation efforts and Arlington's heritage throughout the community. Under the administration of the 15-member Historical Affairs and Landmark Review Board, County preservation staff develops programs and projects to identify and protect Arlington's historic resources.

Neighborhood Conservation Advisory Committee (NCAC)

Recent submission of Phase I data for BVSCA's Neighborhood Infrastructure Plan to Arlington County project person Sena Wijesinha on Friday 07Sep07.

New BVSCA representation at the Neighborhood Conservation Advisory Committee (NCAC) replacing Daniel Corts, 2004-2007: Robert Preiss, Representative, Whitney Wilson, NCAC Alternate,

NCAC update covering new project funding and approval in the coming months. This has been on hold for over a year due to backlog and available funding.

BVSCA Meetings: Tentative program covering the remaining 2007 and all of 2008; last Tuesday of normal meeting months: 2007 dates are Sep 25, Nov 27; and, 2008 dates are Jan 29, Mar 25, May 27, Jul 29, Sep 30, Nov 25.

Time is 7 PM for officers, representatives, delegates, and 7:30 for general membership.

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