Proposed Virginia Constitutional Amendments on Victims' Rights and Prosecutors' Appeals

Discussed at Oct. 30, 1996 BVSCA Membership Meeting


Five proposed amendments to the Constitution of Virginia will be on the November 5, 1996, ballot. See our newsletter for October/November 1996 for details. The complete ballot questions, and information on each of the proposed questions, are provided for our members' consideration following the discussion of the Arlington County Bond Issues.

At the October 30, 1996, BVSCA Membership Meeting, Senator Mary Margaret Whipple (D)-Senate District 31, presented the Ballot Questions and an explanation for each of the five proposed constitutional amendments to be on the Virginia November 1996 ballot. The Ballston-Virginia Square Civic Association thanks Senator Whipple for providing an excellent overview of each of the ballot questions and for answering our members' questions.

BVSCA President Ragland provided additional information and comments from the Washington Post, Richmond Times-Dispatch, The Roanoke Times, and Pilot Online. Additional information on the proposed amendments on victims' rights and prosecutors' appeals is linked to the BVSCA home page for your consideration.

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