BVSCA Special Meeting October 8, 2002

Tuesday, October 8 Meeting Agenda

7:30 pm Full Membership Meeting

9:00 pm Adjournment

Due to various priority requests recently made by site plan applicants and others, BVSCA President Ben Axleroad has scheduled a special meeting of the BVSCA Membership on Tuesday, October 8. BVSCA will be meeting in our new community room on October 8. The entrance to the community room is located on N. Utah St. between Gaffney's Restaurant (4301 North Fairfax Drive) and the Windsor Plaza Condominiums. Please note that on-street parking is limited; however, space is available in the two garages that are adjacent to and across the street from the Rio Grande Cafe.

BVSCA Membership Meetings are held on the last Tuesday of alternate months from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm. Our next membership meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 26 at 7:30 pm. The BVSCA newsletter is published six times per year in advance of the monthly meeting.

FDIC Expansion Plans

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) is planning to expand its facilities located near the Virginia Square Metro Station. The membership will hear a presentation on these preliminary plans by representatives of the site plan applicant.

Finalized Plans for the Vision for Wilson Boulevard

At our prior Membership Meetings in March and May 2002, Tara Lake, Capital Projects Planner for Arlington Public Works, discussed options for improving the design of Wilson Boulevard from N. Lincoln Street to N. Randoph Street. Among the options considered were a variety of ideas, such as additional on-street parking, medians, landscaping, nubs, improved sidewalks, bike lanes, turn lanes, and additional crosswalks and signals. At our May meeting, many suggestions and ideas were provided by BVSCA members to help improve the design. Tara Lake will make a presentation on the finalized plans for the new vision for Wilson Boulevard.

Proposed Development for 950 North Glebe Road

The site plan applicant, JBG/950 North Glebe Road Limited Partnership, proposes to demolish the existing building on the site at 950 North Glebe Road and to construct two new buildings under the existing zoning. These buildings would have frontage on the two streets and would be separated from a driveway accessed from North Glebe Road. One building would be a 14-story apartment building fronting on North Glebe Road with a height of 167 feet to the main roof and would have 184 residential units. This building would be located near the Staples store. The second building would be a one-story 19,150 square foot, retail building with a heigh of 25 feet to the main roof, at the corner of Fairfax Drive and North Glebe Road, across from the Marymount University blue building. The two buildings would have separate below-ground garages.

The subject site is zoned "C-O-2.5" and is designated "Medium" Office-Apartment-Hotel on the GLUP. The site is controlled by the existing Site Plan #133, and is being developed with a small office building of 64,000 square foot surrounded by surface parking. The legal representative for the site plan applicant, Tim Sampson, will make a presentation on the proposed development project.

Ballston-Virginia Square Civic Association 2002-2003 Executive Committee

Ben Axleroad, President
3800 North Fairfax Dr., #205, Arlington, VA 22203
Kate Wilson, Vice President
David Ryan, Secretary
Patricia Horoschak, Treasurer
3800 N. Fairfax Drive, #1804, Arlington, VA 22201
Ed Parks, NCAC Representative
Theresa Smith, NCAC Representative Alternate
Dennis Burr
James Webster
Mike Ford

How to Join the Ballston-Virginia Square Civic Association or Renew Your Membership

All individual persons who are residents of the Ballston-Virginia Square Civic Association's area or who in their individual capacity own residential property located therein, shall be eligible for membership in the Ballston-Virginia Square Civic Association. For the purposes of this organization, the boundaries of the Ballston-Virginia Square Civic Association are Kirkwood Road on the east, Glebe Road on the west, Wilson Boulevard on the south, and the I-66 right of way on the north.

If interested in joining the Ballston-Virginia Square Civic Association, please complete the BVSCA Membership Application Form below and send your application and dues to DeAndra Beck, Treasurer, Ballston-Virginia Square Civic Association, at the address below.

Dues are payable when first joining and are renewable each year on or before the annual anniversary of that date. New members and members who have not paid their dues within the three preceding Association years must pay their dues 30 days before they receive voting privileges. Former members who have been members in good standing within any of the three immediately preceding Association years may be reinstated as voting members by paying their dues for that year.

All members of the Association are volunteers. Dues are used to help fund the Association's activities and sponsored events. Please join the Association today, or renew your dues paid membership. Visit us at (

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