Agenda for Wednesday, October 17, 2001, Candidates Night Meeting

This is to invite you to the Ballston-Virginia Square Civic Association's (BVSCA's) Candidates Night meeting on Wednesday, October 17, 2001, at 7:30 p.m., at the Central Library Auditorium, 1015 North Quincy Street, Arlington, Virginia. We have planned two candidates panels, beginning with the announced candidates for the House of Delegates 47th District Office, at 7:30 p.m.; and the announced candidates for the County Board, at approximately 8:30 p.m.

At the Candidates Night meeting on Wednesday, October 17, 2001, the candidates will have up to five minutes for opening statements, followed by a question and answer period for each panel. In order to promote increased public participation, individual questions will be limited to 45 seconds and candidate responses will be limited to 2 minutes for each question. The first three questions for each session will be from BVSCA members, followed by questions from non-members or BVSCA members attending the meeting.

We urge all citizens in our Ballston-Virginia Square neighborhood to attend these sessions and take this opportunity to meet personally with the candidates, and to learn more about the issues which will be the basis for casting your votes in the Tuesday, November 6, 2001 General Election.

Panel 1: Commonwealth of Virginia's House of Delegates 47th District Office Candidates, James F. Almand (D), Incumbent; Christine E. Austen (L); and Michael E. Peck (R) (7:30 to 8:30 p.m.).

Panel 2: Arlington County Board Candidates, Jay Fisette (D), Incumbent; and Michael W. Clancy (Independent, Republican - endorsed) (8:30 to 9:30 p.m.).

9:30 pm Adjournment

Candidate Background Information

In late September, 2001, the BVSCA President, Ben Axleroad, requested a background description of 500 words or less from each candidate by October 12, 2001, to assist you in learning more about the candidates and their views. As of October 15, 2001, the Association has received three background statements from the candidates, as follows:

Panel 1: Commonwealth of Virginia's House of Delegates 47th District Office Candidates

October 12, 2001, Statement of James F. Almand (D), Incumbent

Jim Almand has compiled an outstanding record of achievement in his 24 years of service in the House of Delegates. Over 300 of Delegate Jim Almand's proposals have become law including:

In the future, Delegate Almand will work to:

Delegate Almand is Co-Chair of the Courts of Justice Committee and chairs the Housing Subcommittee of the General Laws Committee. His legislative memberships include the Finance Committee, Northern Virginia Transportation Commission, and he is Chairman of the Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program Commission.

Delegate Almand has received the William L. Winston Award for community service from the Arlington Bar Foundation and was named a Legislative Hero by the Virginia League of Conservation Voters.

Delegate Jim Almand, a life long Arlington resident, and his wife Cindy have three children, Andrew and Clare who attend Yorktown High School and Brady, who is in pre-school.

It has been a great honor serving Arlington citizens in the House of Delegates. I have experience and ability to continue to provide excellent representation for Arlington residents and would very much appreciate your vote on November 6th.

Panel 2: Arlington County Board Candidates

October 15, 2001, Statement of Jay Fisette (D), Incumbent

Democratic Candidate for Arlington County Board
Ballston-Virginia Square Candidate Forum
October 17, 2001

In four years on the Board, I have attempted to fulfill my campaign promises - both in style and on policy. I work collaboratively and am able to listen to varying points of view. I think Arlington is a terrific community with a top quality of life because we are a balanced community. Arlington works, great communities work, because all the pieces work.

I have worked to ensure strong schools. I have supported a 30% increase in funding for the schools over the past 4 years, supported establishment of the Partnership for Children Youth and Families, and the Safe Routes to School initiative. I have been endorsed by the Arlington Education Association.

I am an avid environmentalist, and pleased to have the endorsement of the Sierra Club. Arlington enjoys terrific parks and bike trails, and this year we added many miles of on-street bicycle lanes throughout Arlington. I have also supported a review of our Open Space Master Plan.

Our economic growth is healthy and concentrated in only 5% of our land - primarily along our metro corridors - with lively entertainment and easy access to everywhere. I am committed to further refinement of our Urban Village concept, to include improved urban design and pedestrian safety.

Our neighborhoods are vibrant and families feel safe. Public safety is one of my priorities. Community policing has taken hold, and in 2000, we experienced the second lowest crime rate in 20 years. Additionally, we continue to have exceptional involvement in our unique neighborhood conservation program.

I am committed to fiscal responsibility. Our real estate taxes are the lowest of any major jurisdiction and service standards are high- the best value around. In 2001, we became a triple triple A bond rated community, a distinction shared by only 20 counties in the United States.

I am committed to ensuring that we continue Arlington's proud, progressive tradition that respects and celebrates our differences. Those very differences add to the richness of our community. Human rights belong to all of us.

And the folks who live and work here are bright, caring and engaged. Arlington is a great hometown.

This year, as Chairman, I have focused new attention on technology and e-government capabilities - an area that I felt was weak. My efforts are meant to achieve three goals: (1) Improve service delivery; (2) Bridge the digital divide; (3) Expand participation in decision making.

This year, I also instituted Walking Town Meetings and monthly on-line forums to promote our tradition of civic participation.

Arlington is a good fit for me. for my values. And I look forward to working with you to help Arlington become even better.

October 15, 2001, Statement of Michael W. Clancy (Independent)


Occupation: Attorney

Education: B.A. (Government), with high honors, University of Notre Dame; J.D., with honors, George Washington University Law School


Community Service:

Virginia Joint Commission on Technology and Science

Arlington Food Assistance Center Volunteer

Arlington County Parks & Recreation -- Volunteer Basketball Coach

AHC, Inc. (Arlington Housing Corporation) -- Affiliate Board Member

Jamestown PTA - Volunteer

Arlington Civic Federation Delegate

Ballston Towne West Community Association - Past President


Superior Performance Award and Commendation for Outstanding Achievement, Department of the Navy, Office of the General Counsel


I entered this campaign because it is time for new independent leadership and an independent voice to overcome the one-party, partisan control of the County Board and to provide the leadership the County needs on public safety, education and neighborhood issues.

Specifically, I will work to:


I will bring independent leadership and an independent voice to the County Board. I will put people first. My opponent talks about bond ratings and statistics. My focus is on people and public safety and improving our neighborhoods as outlined above.

Most importantly, I am the candidate that can best provide the leadership we need on public safety in these turbulent times. I have been endorsed by the firefighter, paramedic and police organizations because I best understand the public safety needs of our community and can best ensure that we meet these critical needs.

Additional Information

For additional information concerning the November 6, 2001, General Election, please refer to the Arlington County web page titled 2001 Elections.

Public Announcement: The Arlington County Bicentennial Task Force Cordially Invites You to Attend Arlington's Bicentennial Interfaith Service, Saturday, October 20, 2001, 7:30 - 9:00 p.m. Hosted by:
The Most Reverend Bishop Paul S. Loverde, D.D., S.T.L., J.C.L. Bishop of Arlington

3901 Cathedral Lane Arlington VA 22203

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