BVSCA Newsletter November 2005

Nov 29th Meeting Agenda

  1. Executive session (7:00PM-7:15PM)
  2. ACP update (7:20PM-7:45PM
  3. General issues including Zone parking, W-L representation & playing field and recent NCAC activities (7:45PM-9:00PM)

Time: 7:00PM
Place: BVSCA's community room located on N. Utah Street between Gaffney's Restaurant and the Windsor Plaza condominiums

Inside this newsletter

  1. NCAC Update
  2. Are You Ready
  3. Lot Coverage
  4. YMCA Strategic Committee Update
  5. Ballston Happenings
  6. Aging Parents
  7. Celebrating 100 Years of Joy
  8. Arlington County News
  9. Nature Center Events
  10. Free Wireless Internet in County Parks
  11. Seniors in Action
  12. Volunteer Activities
  13. St. Ann Scholl Open House
  14. Ballston Virginia Square Partnership
  15. Neighbor's Recommendation
  16. Join BVSCA Today
  17. Calendar of Meetings
  18. BVSCA Membership Application
  19. BVSCA Officers and Representatives

NCAC Update

The Neighborhood Conservation Advisory Committee met on November 10, 2005 at 7:30PM, NRECA Building, 4301 Wilson Blvd., to pass on information concerning the status of neighborhood projects and to discuss issues covered by the committees. The main presentation covered Paving Program Challenges by Dave Hundelt, DES. Plans for paving were reviewed that focused on the priorities of various streets, and the types of paving methods used. Important to everyone was the fact that money for paving is diminishing, resulting in paving commitment failures. Times in the past, this department has rescued projects by completing the paving using money in their budget (not NCAC funds). A policy is needed that will prevent NCAC money from slipping into other hands. NCAC is working to see that money is monitored closely.

Neighborhood project cost overruns have become a problem. A special committee has recently devised a procedure for evaluating project cost problems. The NCAC will reserve a portion of regular meetings for discussing these overruns and recommending solutions. Refinement of the project planning process should minimize the necessity to handle cost overruns at NCAC meetings. Problems areas needing attention are cost estimations, inflation of construction expenses, and unforeseen issues.

Two BVSCA projects for street paving, curbs, gutters, sidewalks, and grass areas are progressing through the system. The 1200 block of N. Vernon St., and the 13th St. N., N. Vermont St. to N. Vernon St., should be completed in the next year or so.

An NCAC nominating committee has been directed to establish a slate of candidates for election in January 2006. Our current officers, under the leadership of Chairman Inta Malis, have done a masterful job of keeping the meetings focused and interesting.

- by Dan Corts

Are You Ready?

This year’s active hurricane season has clearly illustrated how important it is we all take steps to be prepared for disasters – both natural and manmade – where we live and where we work. We need to be ready to shelter-in-place or evacuate at a moment’s notice. And we need to have supplies – whether we’re staying or going – to sustain us for at least three days. How many of us can say we’re actually that prepared?

Although we’ve all seen the suggested supply lists and emergency planning forms available through such agencies as the American Red Cross and FEMA, here’s an abbreviated version that includes the basics everyone should have on-hand:

Water: Three days (minimum) drinking water for every person and pet in your household (one gallon per person per day). It’s also a good idea to have unscented, regular bleach available in case water purification becomes necessary (eight drops of bleach per gallon of water).

Food: Three days (minimum) non-perishable food. Rotate regularly to ensure expiration dates have not passed. If in cans, make sure you have a manual can opener with your shelter-in-place supplies.

Radio: A battery-operated radio with extra batteries (crank-powered radios are also available). Local information will be broadcast on AM 1700 and other local AM stations (1500, 630, etc.). If you want to be even better prepared, you could add a NOAA emergency alert/weather radio to your supplies. They emit an alarm when an emergency alert – such as a severe thunderstorm or tornado warning – is issued.

Flashlight: At least one flashlight and extra batteries. It’s a good idea to hang a flashlight on the back of every bedroom door. Do not burn candles for light unless absolutely necessary. If left unattended, they can result in fires.

First Aid Kit/ Medications: You’ll need a basic first aid kit for emergencies, as well as a supply of any additional medications – prescription or over-the-counter – you or your family require.

Personal Records/Papers: Copies of all important papers and documents should be stored in a fireproof/waterproof container that can be evacuated with you if necessary. You may also want to keep some extra cash on-hand, as ATMs and financial institutions will likely be closed if there is no power.

On the Metro: If you ride the Metro regularly, you may want to take a few emergency supplies with you when you do, including a small flashlight (keychain flashlights are available) or a lightstick and a disposable N95 dustmask (to be used in the event of smoke or the release of chemical or biological agents). You should also check out the instructional Exiting Metro in an Emergency video at .

Arlington Alert: The County provides a free emergency notification system for residents who are able to receive text messages via computer, PDAs, cell phones, pagers, or other devices. To enroll, go to You can elect to receive information regarding weather, traffic, crime and computer viruses via this service.

This list contains only the most basic items you’ll need in the event of an emergency. You should also have a plan in place so that everyone in your family knows what to do, where to go and who to call should a disaster occur. For additional information, go to the County’s website and click on "Emergency Preparedness." This is just one of many valuable websites that provide emergency preparedness information.

Take time now to be sure you and your family are prepared for a variety of emergencies and are able to support yourselves for at least three days without help. Doing so will bring you greater peace of mind…and will keep you out of the long lines at the grocery store the day before a blizzard!

- by Laura Crouch

Lot Coverage

The Arlington County Board recently approved a measure designed to limit the "most egregious" single-family homes that are out of scale with the surrounding neighborhood.

Highlights of the Board action

The regulations do not affect houses with plans underway. For more detailed information, please visit the Arlington County Web site, Residents with additional questions can call 703.228.3525.

YMCA Strategic Planning Committee Update

The YMCA Strategic Planning Committee finished its work in September 2005 and submitted a report to the Metropolitan YMCA of Washington. The Committee, chaired by Arlington County School Board member Mary Hynes, included YMCA board members and staff as well as community members. Two of the three main scenarios presented in the report call for substantial redevelopment of the existing 13th Street site, including construction of a new, upgraded Y and building of townhouses on land currently zoned for single family homes. As representatives of BVSCA and close neighbors of the 13th Street facility, we tried to make sure that the report reflects neighborhood concerns about housing density, traffic, parking, and green space. The Board of the Metro YMCA, of which Arlington is a part, will consider the Strategic Planning Committee’s recommendations as part of its decision on a proposal to reconfigure its Arlington facilities. The Y board will then take this proposal back to the Arlington community for further comment and feedback. To see a copy of the Strategic Planning Committee’s report, visit the YMCA at

- by Maggie Farrell and Jim Rosen

Ballston Happenings

Wed, Nov 30: Annual Holiday Tree Lighting

Aging Parents?

Are you struggling to balance the needs of family and aging parents along with work and community activities? How do you cope? What resources can you turn to? How does this affect individuals in the workplace and the businesses that employ them? Join Leadership Arlington for a lively and information-packed session:

Suzanne Geffen Mintz, President and Co-Founder of the National Family Caregivers Association.

Abigail Trafford, author and "My Turn" columnist for The Washington Post’s Health section.

Terri Lynch, Director, Arlington Area Agency on Aging.

Location: WETA-TV Channel 26

2775 South Quincy St

Arlington, VA 22206

Date: Wed, Nov 30, 2005

11:30AM – 1:30PM (lunch included)

(for directions visit: )

Celebrating 100 Years of Joy, Clarendon UMC 1906- 2006

You are invited to celebrate Clarendon United Methodist Church's 100th birthday. Please join the Clarendon UMC community as they commerorate their faith journey together and share their joy, fun, food, and followship with family, friends, and neighbors. The following are some highlights to be on the lookout for:
Clarendon's First Night of Our Next 100 Years -- New Year's 2006. It's not too early to start planning your New Year's Eve. Celebrate with your church family at Clarendon's First Night of the Next 100 Years, from 7PM until mid-night! They'll have a special worship service, appetizers and beverages, music and dancing, games and more! Tickets will go on sale Sunday, November 27. Tickets are $10 per person, $5 for children with a maximum of $25 per family. Prices will be more at the door, so be sure to get yours before Christmas.
Decades of Discipleship Dinners -- 1st Friday of each month from Feb to Nov 2006, celebrating each decade of CUMC's history.
Celebrating Joy Revival -- Summer 2006
5K Run for Joy -- Autumn 2006
Grand Finale: CUMC Birthday Celebration -- Nov. 18, 2006
Musical celebration, skits, devotional, and commemorative book (throughout the year). For more informaiton, contact Clarendon United Methodist Church (606) N. Irving St., Arlington), at (703) 527-8574 and visit

Arlington County News

Online Reporting of Site Plan Violation
Please use to report violation(s). When reported, a copy goes to Code Enforcement for follow-up. If you have any questions, please contact Captain Kevin M. Reardon, Second District Commander, Arlington County Police Department, (703) 228-4327.

Barcroft Park Invasive Plant Removal & Park Cleanup
Sunday, December 4, 1:00PM - 3:00 PM. Help remove honeysuckle and other invasive plants from Barcroft Park, 4200 S. Four Mile Run Drive, Arlington. Please bring work gloves and pruning shears if you have them. Meet in front of the parking garage. Starbucks will be providing coffee and pastries at the event. To register, contact ACE at or 703-228-6406.

Four Mile Run Restoration
Thursday, Dec. 8th, 2005 7PM - 9:30PM, Gunston Middle School cafeteria, 2700 S. Lang Street, Arlington, VA 22206.
Arlington and Alexandria's Four Mile Run Joint Task Force invites you to review the final draft concept plan for the restoration of the lower section of Four Mile Run. The concept plan has been developed from the initial conceptual designs, based on public review and comment. Please visit the project web site at

Hearing on Age Discrimination
The Arlington Human Rights Commission will hold a public hearing Wed, Dec. 7, at 7PM to determine whether PERI, Inc. violated the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), and Chapter 31 of the Arlington County Code. It will be held at 3033 Wilson Blvd., Arlington, VA 22201. Please contact Paul Torres, Executive Director and Assistant County Manager for Human Rights and EEO at (703) 228-3929.

Nature Center Events


Saturday December 17 and Sunday, December 18: 1:00 4:00PM each day.

Families join the Park Rangers at the big red caboose for this festive holiday event. Crafts, stories, music and refreshments will all add up for the makings of some brand new holiday memories. $2 fee.

No reservations needed. For more information call 703-525-0168.


January, 1 hour, Time and Date TBA.

Families with children ages 6 years and above. The day after a few inches of snowfall is a great time to look for tracks! Discover wildlife in the park, such as deer, foxes, mice and chipmunks, by the paw prints they’ve left behind in the snow. Free. Reservations required: call 703-228-3403.

Pola Negri Movie Night

Thursday, January 12: 7:00 9:00PM

Adults learn about one of the queens of the silent screen and Gulf Branch Nature Center’s most exciting (human) resident. Pola Negri lived in the Nature Center when it was still a private home. Learn about the life and times of this screen siren and then enjoy a big screen viewing of the 1927 silent classic, "Barbed Wire". Popcorn and soda will be served. $5 fee. Reservations required, register on-line or call 703-228-4747.


Saturday, January 14: Noon 4:00PM

All ages watch, participate and learn as members of the Guild use fire and muscle to form raw materials into useful tools and beautiful objects. Free. No reservations needed. Call 703-228-3403.


Saturday, January 14: 4:45 - 6:00PM

Adults. Flying squirrels are found throughout the wooded neighborhoods of Arlington, but are seldom seen. Learn all about these engaging nocturnal acrobats. After an indoor presentation, tiptoe outside to spy on these furry wonders as they glide in for an evening meal! If you haven’t seen them yet, these little creatures are truly one of the natural wonders of Arlington! $2 fee per person. Reservations required, register on-line


Saturday, February 18: 10:30AM-Noon

Ages 6-17 years. Kids who are rock lovers are invited to join the Northern Virginia Mineral Club to learn about the earth sciences. Show-and-tell before each program, refreshments and door prizes are all part of the fun. Free. Reservations required, register on-line

Free Wireless Internet in County Parks!

The County has issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) to establish wireless hotspots providing free Internet access, primarily at Arlington County Parks and Recreation facilities.

Locations include Powhatan Springs Park, Gateway Park in Rosslyn, Barcroft Park, Arlington Mill, as well as County offices in Clarendon. Optionally, proposers may include public areas around Ballston, Clarendon, Virginia Square, Crystal City and the North Tract, Shirlington and Westover. Proposals are due by 2PM, Thursday, Dec. 1.

A private entity would build and own the network, using private investment. The WiFi provider will create their own revenue streams to install and maintain the system. The primary goal of the RFP is to establish WiFi access to the Internet for everyone in the parks, recreation, and public areas of Arlington at little or no cost to users and the County.

The proposed system will provide WiFi "hotspots" using radio signals between wireless access points at County facilities and users wireless-enabled laptops or handheld devices.

Wireless @ Central Library: As part of an existing, but separate Wireless Arlington initiative, the County's Department of Technology Services has set up free WiFi access in the Central Library and around the Courthouse Plaza. One of the major benefits of the Wireless Arlington program was to alleviate over-crowding in the library's computer lab. There also are free wireless hotspots in a number of Arlington cafes and coffee houses.

In July of 2005, the County issued a Request for Information (RFI), asking asked for vendors and other potential offerors to provide information about WiFi technology and address business models that could help the system pay for itself. Technical and business requirements for the RFP used much of the information gathered from the earlier RFI.

For further information, please contact Rob Billingsley at (703) 228-3195 or

Seniors In Action

Senior Singers Chorale and New Horizons Band will present a free Holiday Community Concert, open to the public, Sun., Dec. 11, 3:00PM, Westover Baptist Church (N. Patrick Henry Dr. & N. Washington Blvd).

The Yarn Crafters of Aurora Hills Senior Center make items for Arlington County charitable projects. They are looking for more knitters and crocheters to meet every Monday, 10:30AM, 735 S. 28th Street. Donations of washable yarn appreciated. Call for details, 703-228-5722.

Hearing loss support group meets monthly, third Thursday, at Lee Senior Center, 5722 Lee Hwy. from 10:00AM – noon. No fee; newcomers welcome. Call for info, 703-228-0555.

Free computer classes for seniors are offered at Lee, Culpepper Garden and Carver Senior Centers. Call 703-228-4744 for more details.

A genealogy group meets the fourth Wednesday of each month at the Lee Senior Center, 5722 Lee Hwy., from 1:00PM-2:30PM Learn more about tracing family roots; share experiences. Next meetings Nov. 23 and Dec. 8. Call for details, 704-228-0555.

Chess club for seniors meets every Monday at 10:30AM, Madison Senior Center, 3829 N. Stafford Street. Instruction available at 10:00AM No fee. Lunch available for $3. Call for information, 703-228-5285.

Seated strength training classes for seniors taught Mondays and Wednesdays, 9:00AM, Madison Senior Center, 3829 N. Stafford Street. $3.50 per class. Drop-in class, registration not required. Call for details, 703-228-5285.

Modern approach to low impact aerobics classes for seniors, taught by Kai Bandy, available Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9:15AM, Aurora Hills Senior Center, 735 S. 18th Street. $56 for 16 sessions. Call for more information, 703-228-5722.

Four senior centers sponsor weekly walking groups. Call the Office of Senior Adult Programs for Center nearest you, 703-228-4744.

Volunteer Activities

The Arlington County Volunteer Office invites you to take a look at this month’s volunteer opportunities and donation needs. There are also many seasonal opportunities for making a difference in your community this Thanksgiving and over the upcoming December Holidays. Be a part of the solution and have fun. See how you can help today! Contact or call (703) 228-1760.


St. Ann School Open House

St. Ann School, located at 980 N. Frederick St. (off Washington Blvd., west of George Mason Dr.) in Arlington, will hold an open house on Sunday, Jan. 29, from 10:30AM-12:00 noon, and on Tuesday, Jan. 31, from 8:30-11:30AM Prospective new families will be able to visit classrooms and talk with school parents and students. St. Ann School is a traditional Catholic school, open to children of all faiths, with an enhanced curriculum including Spanish, computer skills, music, an award-winning art program, a learning center, and extended day. Financial aid is available. For additional information, call 703-525-7599 or visit our website at

Ballston Virginia Square

Upcoming events/meetings include Public Safety Academy (12/8), Real Estate marketing Group (12/14) and Urban Environment Committee (12/15). Please contact the Partnership at 703.528.3527.

Neighbor’s Recommendation

The editor is maintaining a list of businesses that have been recommended by our neighbors. Please send your recommendations directly to Inclusion in this list does not imply an endorsement by BVSCA. The opinions expressed here represent those of the individual BVSCA residents.

Beverage: International Wine and Beverage at 4040 Lee Hwy

Food: Mom’s Pizza Restaurant at the corner of Glebe and Columbia Pike; Food Factory on Fairfax; Castro’s Bakery on Wilson; Heidelberg Bakery on Lee Hwy

Dry cleaners: Hurt Cleaners on Wilson Blvd; Old Dominion Cleaners on Lee Hwy

Towing: Cherrydale Towing

Electrician: Eastern Electric Service on Trapp Rd in Fairfax

Home Improvement: H.L. Short on Grove Rd in Alexandria

Hardware Store: Cherrydale Hardware on Lee Hwy; Virginia hardware on Clarendon Blvd

Join BVSCA Today - Stronger Homeowners' Association Guarantees Better Neighborhood!

One BVSCA goal for this year is to increase membership and encourage BVSCA residents to participate in their Civic Association. This includes new members just learning about BVSCA and all previous members who have lost touch. There are several of you - you know who you are. BVSCA needs you. Your experience, knowledge and voice are invaluable to the Association.

The purpose of BVSCA is "to take action to protect and promote the welfare and livability of the Ballston-Virginia Square Civic Association's neighborhoods in particular, and in Arlington, in general" (By-laws of BVSCA). Only with a large, active and vocal membership can BVSCA be effective in its dealings with the County officials.

Residents can join by filling out the membership application and paying membership dues. You can do this either by 1) coming to a BVSCA meeting, or 2) by mail. The membership application is on BVSCA's web page and on the front of this newsletter.

Dues are $10 per person. Dues are payable when first joining and are renewable each year on or before the anniversary of that date. New members and members who have not paid their dues in the last three years must wait 30 days after paying their dues before receiving voting privileges. Dues are used to help fund the Association's activities and sponsored events. Join the BVSCA today!

BVSCA 2005 Calendar of Meetings

Unless otherwise noted, all meetings are held at the BVSCA's community room located on N. Utah Street between Gaffney's Restaurant and the Windsor Plaza condominiums on the last Tuesday of alternate months. BVSCA Executive meetings begin at 7:00 p.m. Full Membership meetings begin at 7:30 p.m. Meetings adjourn at 9:00pm.

Tuesday, May 31

Tuesday, July 26

Tuesday, Sep 27

Tuesday, Nov 29

BVSCA Membership Application

Date: ________________________Dues: $10 per year

Name: _______________________________________

Street: _______________________________________

City: _______________________ Zip:_____________


Send my newsletter via: _____ email or _____ mail.

Phone (optional):_____________________________

I'm interested in volunteering to help: ____ yes ____ no

Mail to: DeAndra Beck
BVSCA Treasurer
1301 North Taylor Street
Arlington, VA 22201

Please make checks payable to BVSCA.

BVSCA Officers and Representatives

Dennis Burr (
1050 N. Stuart Street #314
Arlington, VA 22201

Vice President
Ed Parks (

DeAndra Beck

David Ryan

At Large Executive Committee
Dawn M. Cooper
Paula Bertolin
Sandra Kyles
Jennifer Mulchandani

Neighborhood Conservation Advisory Committee
Representative Dan Corts
Alternate Vacant

Arlington County Civic Federation

Delegates Ben Axleroad, David Ryan, Lew Gulick, Rohan Samaraweera
Alternates Linda Kyles, Edward Parks, Dennis Burr

Ballston Partnership

Representative Jim Webster

The following positions are not appointed positions but rather volunteer positions. They are listed here so that BVSCA members know who they can go to for information on a specific issue. Please inform Sujit Ray ( of any changes or additions to this list.

Committee Chairs

Cherrydale Relocation Task Force:
Ed Parks

Community Preparedness:
David Perlmutter

District 2 Police Committee:
Dennis Burr

Clarendon Task Force & Virginia Square East End:
Dennis Burr
Ben Axleroad

Virginia Square Sector Plan Oversight Group
Lew Gulick
Dennis Burr
Connie McAdam
Ben Axleroad
John Buckley

Condominium Project 10th & Monroe St.
John Buckley

Hayes Park:
Theresa Smith
Maggie Farrell

13th Street Park:
Denise Parks

Building Level Planning Committee:
(Washington-Lee School Project)

Linda Kyles

NCAC Sign Committee
DeAndra Beck

YMCA Strategic Planning Committee
Jim Rosen
Maggie Farrell

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