BVSCA's May 14, 1998, Letter to Chairman Nancy Iacomini, Arlington Transportation Commission

RE: Draft Regional Transportation Vision for the National Capital Region

Dear Chairman Iacomini:

This is to advise you that the Ballston-Virginia Square Civic Association (BVSCA), at its April Membership Meeting, on April 28, 1998, reviewed and discussed the National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board (TPB) proposed Vision Statement. Based on our members comments and recommendations about the proposed vision statement, I drafted on behalf of the Association, the enclosed letter of recommendations to Chairman Kathleen Seefeldt, Transportation Planning Board, Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, Washington, D.C., dated May 4, 1998.

Also, on May 13, 1998, the Association received an e-mail (see the attachment) from one of the members of BVSCA titled The Development of a Living Urban Core. This e-mail describes in detail the essential ingredients of an urban core, how different types of people can be attracted to visit and live in an urban core, and warnings about the future of the Washington, DC metropolis, especially if one of the existing bridges should fail. For the successful development of the Washington, DC metropolis, this BVSCA member, along with others who attended the April Membership Meeting, suggest the adoption of the spiderweb system, known also as the Spider Web Network.

To minimize the risk of an existing bridge failing and to help implement the Spider Web Network, the Association also encourages the development of additional bridges for the Metropolitan Washington area, particularly between upper Fairfax County, VA, and Montgomery County, MD, and somewhere south of the existing Wilson Bridge. Please coordinate our letter with the Arlington County Board, and we thank you for your public service to the County. Also, please call me if you have any questions. Thank you.

Ernie Ragland, President
Ballston-Virginia Square
Civic Association

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