Civic Association Newsletter

May/June 1997 - Volume 20, No. 7


For several years, the County CIP has included a project to build an additional set of elevators at the Ballston-MU Metrorail Station. This project was intended to be linked to construction of the Stuart Park site and was to be funded in part by developer contributions. With the pending construction of the Nature Conservancy's building at Birch's Crossroad and actual construction at the Stuart Park site, an opportunity now exists to make a decision regarding what project(s) should be implemented to improve "access" to the Ballston-MU Station.

Arlington staff have proposed that a formal Ballston Area Station Access Plan be developed to quantify the need, specify the solutions and prioritize the implementation of station access improvements. With $500,000 in developer contributions already earmarked for access improvements, resources exist to begin implementing the recommendations of this Plan.

County Officials have identified five possible options. One option is to build a new elevator. A second is to build a new escalator on the north side of Fairfax Drive at the corner of Stuart Street and Fairfax Drive. A third option is to build a high speed elevator. A fourth possibility is building a new elevator on the south side of Fairfax Drive by the bus stop. A fifth option would be to build a western metro entrance near Vermont Street.

The County is hiring a consultant to study all the options. Cost will be a major factor as well as practicability and citizen preference. The metro platform is on the north side of Fairfax Drive so an escalator on that side of the street is very feasible. The County may have to raise additional funds for improvements through a bond offering. Public opinion will assist the County in determining which option to follow.

The Association has invited James Hamre, Transit Program Coordinator, for the County's Public Works and Planning Department, to make a presentation on these options at our Wednesday, May 28, 1997, Annual Membership Meeting, at the Holiday Inn Arlington at Ballston, 4610 North Fairfax Drive, Arlington, Virginia 22203, in the Fairfax/Wilson/Glebe Room. This item is scheduled for presentation from approximately 8:00 to 8:45 p.m. If you are interested in this issue, or of having a metro entrance on your side of the street that provides better ingress and egress, now is the time to get involved. Please attend the meeting and express your views, or call the Association's Member Information Line Telephone Number, a.k.a MILTN, and leave a voice mail at (703) 528-1887.

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