BVSCA Membership Meeting May 2009

Agenda for Meeting Tuesday, 26 May 2009

7:00 PM A. Discussion and planning by officers and representatives until 7:30 pm.

Agenda Handouts.

7:30 PM B. Arlington County Police Department Information: Announcements and/or reports concerning law enforcement. Our 1st District police contact: Captain Franz Desamour ,, 703 228 4062. Corporal Chris Feltman, Operations Division, is the liaison to BVSCA. We are free to contact him/her with questions or requests at 703 228 3600 Ext. 9759,

7:45 PM C. Recognizing Elements of Arlington's Green Scene-- and What We Can Do to Help. Presenter: Lola Rogers, Chair of the Arlington Beautification Committee. Each year, the Arlington County Beautification Committee formally recognizes the Most Notable Trees in Arlington County...both private and public properties...based on nominations by its citizens. Arlington County's Notable Tree Program is administered by the County's Beautification Committee with support from the Division of Parks and Natural Resources. Do you know an Arlington tree that is a. Unusually large for its species, b. An unusual species for this area, c. Has historic or community significance, and d. A tree of particular significance to the neighborhood. Please nominate a Notable Tree to the Arlington Beautification Committee! Since 1987, more than 150 trees have received this distinguished recognition. The trees are marked with a small plaque for recognition.

With that background, I introduce Lola Rogers. She is a long-time member and chairman of the Arlington County Beautification Committee, and also serves as a Master Gardener for the Cooperative Extension Service. She is a retired National Science Foundation program officer, who originally came to Washington as an elementary-secondary science specialist for the old U. S. Office of Education.

A native of California, she received her bachelor's degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara; her M. A. from San Jose State University; and did additional graduate work at Oregon State University and the University of Michigan. She taught both elementary and high school; established the education program for the California Junior Museum; served as a high school science department chairman and as an assistant professor at San Jose State University.

Lola is a past president of both the Bellevue Forest Civic Association and of the Bellevue Forest Garden Club, which she now serves as horticulture chairman. She is an elder--as well as the chief gardener--for the Presbyterian Church of the Covenant at Military & Marcy roads. (It is known as "azalea church" for the more than 500 such bushes planted on its grounds. It also has more Arlington Notable Trees than any other single site, including one which is the largest box elder in the County.)

8:15 PM D. Business Meeting--Election of Officers. Print and distribute handouts of election worksheet, etc. Use the Master Election Worksheet.

Consult with the Nominating Committee for elections by vote. Discuss results of telephone calls to possible candidates if helpful--interested in remaining in present officer position; one volunteer for office. Nominations will be accepted from any member in good standing. Self-nominations are encouraged.

Vice President
Member-At-Large (3)
Interest in work of the following positions are welcome:

Neighborhood Conservation Advisory Committee representative
Neighborhood Conservation Advisory Committee alternate representative

Arlington Civic Federation representative
Arlington Civic Federation alternate representative
Site Plan Representative
Newsletter Committee

Other positions are filled by residents who serve voluntarily to perform work for the community. They willingly take up these chores on our behalf. Assistance and/or backup for this work is encouraged:

Meeting Room--Jeffery Green
Web Site--Ernie Ragland
Tree Giveaway--Karen Ginsberg

Approve appointments by vote of representatives to the Arlington Civic Federation, to the Neighborhood Conservation Advisory Committee, and any other appointments of new residents to committees.

8:30 PM E. Neighborhood Conservation Advisory Committee (NCAC)

Current and proposed projects, funding, etc.

8:40 PM F. New business.

Adjourn Meeting. Motion and second needed.

Daniel B. Corts
Monday, May 18, 2009

Ballston-Virginia Square Civic Association Information

BVSCA meetings are normally held on the last Tuesday of alternate months. (2009-Jan 27, Mar 31, May 26, Jul28, Sep 29, Nov 24). The location is the public meeting room behind (north of) the Willow Restaurant, northeast corner of N. Utah St. and Fairfax Dr., Ballston Station Building (4301),Arlington. The entrance is the fourth set of green doors, 1000 block on N. Utah St.

BVSCA has parking garage arrangements in the Ballston Station Building, 4301 N. Fairfax Drive. Bring your Colonial Parking ticket to the meeting; we will stamp it with a mark (BVSCA Arlington, VA) that the garage attendants recognize. The parking garage entrance is on the building's east side, 1000 block of N. Taylor St. Elevators will bring you from garage to street level. On arrival, you must exit the building on the ground floor to enter our meeting room on the N. Utah St. side.

Parking Garage: Contacts: Jim Lawlor, 202 295 8210,; Adam Herrera covering for Jim on 17 Mar08, 202 295 8212; Solomon Aklilu, garage manager at 4301 N. Fairfax Dr.

Officers and representatives elected and/or appointed for 2008- 2009:

Neighborhood Conservation Advisory Committee:

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