BVSCA Newsletter May 2004

May 25th Meeting Agenda

  1. Elections
  2. Discuss parking problems with Sarah Stott
  3. Other BVSCA issues

When: Tuesday, May 25th at 7:30pm
Where: BVSCA's community room located on N. Utah Street between Gaffney's Restaurant and the Windsor Plaza condominiums.

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Unfortunately, I will not be able to continue as newsletter editor. Although it is does not require an enormous amount of time, I will no longer be able to commit the time required to continue. So here is an opportunity for someone in the Civic Association to get involved. The newsletter is an important tool of the Civic Association to help inform residents of what is going on generally in Arlington but specifically within the BVSCA's borders. This edition of the newsletter will be my last one. If anyone is interested in continuing the newsletter for the Association please e-mail me at The next one is due to come out toward the end of July.

And the 2004-2005 BVSCA Nominees Are......

The nominating committee has nominated the following candidates for the 2004-2005 BVSCA membership year:

President: Dennis Burr
Dennis is retired and lives with his wife in a condominium in Ballston, where he is an active member of the condo association. He served as Vice President of BVSCA ('01-'02, `03-`04) and as At Large BVSCA Executive Committee Member ('00-'01, '02-'03). Dennis represented BVSCA on the Virginia Square Sector Plan Review Subcommittee, the Washington-Lee High School Site Selection Committee and the Clarendon Sector Plan Review Task Force, as well as numerous Site Plan Review Committee proceedings.

Vice President: Ed Parks
Ed and his wife Denise have been Ballston-Virginia Square (BVS) residents since 1994. Ed has been a member of BVSCA since 1999. He has served as BVSCA's NCAC representative ('02-'03) President ('03-'04). Ed has worked with neighbors and the county on a number of local issues including regulatory enforcement against county zoning violations, traffic enforcement and calming along N. Utah Street, improper use of neighborhood streets by tour buses, upgrading of the park at 13th and N. Vermont St., parking and other issues. Additionally, Ed was a member of the Cherrydale Task Force.

Secretary: David Ryan
David came to BVS in 1993 and lives in a condominium in Ballston. He has been a member of BVSCA since 1994 and on the Executive Committee since 1996. David has served as BVSCA Recording Secretary ('97-'04). In addition, he is a delegate to the Arlington County Civic Federation (ACCF) and has served for the ACCF Legislative Committee. He is a member of the Capital PC Users Group, the Washington National Opera Camerata Patron Program, and the Wagner Society of Washington, DC. David is currently expanding his own supercomputer.

Treasurer: DeAndra Beck
DeAndra has been a BVS resident since 1993 and has been a BVSCA member since 1994. She lives in a single family home in the Clarenford subdivision. DeAndra has served as a BVSCA representative and alternate to NCAC ('98-'00), BVSCA President ('99-'00), BVSCA Treasurer ('01-'04) and Newsletter Editor ('99-'03). DeAndra has participated in a number of site plan reviews and planning activities for the neighborhood. Her priorities are sensible growth with adequate infrastructure (including parking and density standards), neighborhood aesthetics (architecture, landscaping, code enforcement), and green space.

At Large Exec. Committee: James Webster
Jim and Marilyn Webster moved from South Dakota to Ashton Heights in 1970 and then to a Virginia Square condominium in 2000 after 12 years in Rosslyn. They own and publish The Webster Agricultural Letter, a newsletter on the politics of food and agriculture. Jim served on the board of Rosslyn Renaissance and was treasurer of the Arlington Street People's Assistance Network. He is also a board member of the Ballston Virginia Square Partnership. Jim served as At Large member of the BVSCA Executive Committee ('02-'04).

At Large Exec. Committee: Sandra Kyles
Sandra Kyles, a long-time Arlington resident, currently lives in Ballston with her sister, Linda, and her daughter, Nora. She works in the Ballston area for a non-profit organization. Her interest is the neighborhood environment including parking regulations, traffic calming initiatives, pedestrian walkways, and green space through out the community. For many years she was actively involved as Board member/committee member of several condo/citizens' associations. Most recently she has been involved in resident activities surrounding the rebuilding of the new W-L high school.

At Large Exec. Committee: Jennifer Mulchandani
Jennifer Mulchandani and her husband Prithvi have lived in BVS for almost four years, owning a home on N. Quincy Street. Jennifer became active in the community last year to work on the Cherrydale Fire Station issue. Recently, she has been a voice for the "east side" neighborhood during the WL Planning efforts. Now an at-home mom to Benjamin, Jennifer's issue priorities include traffic calming on N. Quincy and surrounding streets; and a peaceful co-existence between WL High School and neighbors, especially during reconstruction.

NCAC Representative: Richard Layman
Rich has been an Arlington resident since 1988, and has lived in BVS for 13 of those years. He is the BVSCA representative on the W-L Building Level Planning Committee. He is an advocate of good urban design, historic preservation and the rights of individual property owners.

Alternate NCAC Representative: Dan Corts
Daniel and his wife Eleanor moved to 1223 North Vernon Street in Arlington in November 1969. Three sons, Darryl, Nicholas, and Norman were soon to enter Washington Lee High School, graduating in 1976, 1977, and 1977. His family "weathered" both the construction of the Metro Rail along North Fairfax Dr. and Route 66 along the former Washington and Old Dominion Railroad line. Dan is now the Block Representative for BVSCA Project 2004-1, the upgrade of the 1200 block of North Vernon Street. Retired since 1994, Dan worked in Washington, DC for twenty five years as a research psychologist with the U.S. Office of Personnel Management. "The work accomplished in our Personnel Research and Development Center supported the personnel management programs for nearly all agencies of the Federal Government." He worked on-site nation-wide, focussing on hiring and promotion programs in many of them: Customs, Drug Enforcement Administration, Navy, Army, Social Security Administration, and others. Resuming work temporarily, Dan collected data for Census 2000 for five months of that year. Dan is also a retired Lieutenant Colonel, having served with the regular U. S. Marine Corps and in the Reserve for a total of 35 years.

BVSCA delegates to the Arlington County Civic Federation:

Ben Axleroad
Ben and his wife Mary moved to Arlington in 1992, living for eight years in Ballston before moving to Tower Villas at Virginia Square in 2000. Ben has been a member of Ballston Partnership (8 years), serving on the Urban Environment Committee. He was a founding member of the Pedestrian Advisory Committee (5 years) and has volunteered at Arlington Central Library (3 years), the Ellipse Art Gallery (3 years), and the Smithsonian (12 years). He is also a volunteer priest at St. George's Church, having retired from 22 years of active ministry as chaplain of Episcopal Hospital in Philadelphia. At St. George's Church, he served on the Interfaith Council as delegate (2 years) and newsletter editor (1 year). He has also volunteered evenings at the Arlington Winter Shelter. Ben has been president of BVSCA ('01-'02), a member of the Virginia Square Sector Plan Review Committee (3 years), a BVSCA delegate to the Arlington Civic Federation and a BVSCA member since 1997.

David Ryan, (see Secretary bio above)

David Perlmutter
David Perlmutter is the president of the Lexington Square Condominium Association in the BVSCA area. He has been actively involved in civic affairs for more than thirty years - in California, Maryland, and now Virginia. David feels that the most important activity for residents of BVSCA is participation. In addition to participating in civic organizations, David is president of his congregation, which is a new startup less than four years old. Lastly, David is an engineering consultant with expertise in product development.

Rohan Samaraweera
Rohan Samaraweera has been a resident of Arlington since the 1970s when he lived in Lyon Village. He became a member of BVSCA in 1987 and, at various times, has served as chair the Association's Transportation, Traffic and Parking Committee, which in 1988 conducted a survey of on and off-street parking in the neighborhood, and later prepared the Association's comments on the N. Quincy Street extension. Rohan served as BVSCA Treasurer in 1989, and later that year became Acting-President. Rohan's other contributions include having served as BVSCA's NCAC Representative, and on the BVSCA Executive Committee. He was appointed by the County Board to the Planning Commission in 1993 and served a full four-year term on the Commission. Rohan has also been a BVSCA's delegate to the Civic Federation, since 1993.

BVSCA alternate delegates to the ACCF:

Linda Kyles
Linda Kyles, with her sister, Sandra, moved from South Arlington to their home on Stafford in 1985. Linda is currently a manager of the Publications Department at the Federal Reserve Board, and prior to that was Director of Publications at a youth organization in Reston. She has held office for various business and community associations, and has most recently been involved in the activities of the rebuilding of W-L. She is interested in Ballston maintaining its residential environment with emphasis on sensible growth and adequate green space.

Edward Parks, (see V.P. Bio above)
Two more alternates to be nominated and elected (anyone interested please e-mail Ed at

Parking Issues to be Addressed at BVSCA's May Meeting

Sarah Stott, Parking Manager for Arlington County's Department of Transportation, will be attending BVSCA's May 25th meeting to discuss parking issues with BVSCA members. Peter Owen from the Transportation Commission may also be attendence. This Commission is spearheading changes that will take place regarding parking policy.

Parking (or lack thereof) has been the number one complaint of BVSCA. As you may recall BVSCA sent representatives to the County Parking Symposium in October. The County had hired a consultant from San Francisco whose philosophy further promoted the County's current philosophy that limiting parking will force its residents to use public transportation.

BVSCA parking issues include site plans with insufficient parking for residents and visitors, not enough off street parking for businesses, parking problems around Washington-Lee and continuous rise of lack of parking on residential streets for residents living on those streets.

Ballston Virginia Square's Neighborhood Conservation Program written in 1984 , discusses BVSCA's parking concerns and recommended that all new construction have adequate off-street parking. As we all know this has not happened. Parking was also listed as a major concern to residents in the last neighborhood survey dated 1997. Now years' later lack of parking continues to plaque our neighborhood.

I encourage you all to come to this meeting to discuss your concerns with Ms. Stott and Peter Owen.

Arlington County Launches Disaster Preparedness Campaign

By Sheila K. Delaney
Arlington County is launching a Disaster Preparedness Campaign on June 5 and needs volunteers to help distribute preparedness information packets to every household in the county. The packets include practical tips on being informed, developing emergency plans, and getting involved in Arlington preparedness. Members of condo and homeowners associations, civic associations and other local organizations as well as individuals are encouraged to volunteer for this effort. See the county web site for more information:

Clarenford Station Park

The 13th Street Park soon to be called Clarenford Station Park will be temporarily closed for renovations in June. Hopefully, if all goes well, it will reopen with new equipment, new trees and its new name.

Larger Pool at W-L

Thanks to Randall Humm & DeAndra Beck for all their work in advocating for a larger pool at W-L. The County Board has expressed to School Board Chairman, Frank Wilson, the Board's desire to expand the proposed 8-lane pool at Washington-Lee High School to 10 lanes. Great Work!!!

Maggie Farrell & Jim Rosen BVSCA Representatives on YMCA Strategic Planning Committee

Many thanks to BVSCA members Maggie Farrell and her husband Jim Rosen for volunteering to be BVSCA's representatives on the YMCA's Strategic Planning Committee.

The Strategic Planning Committee, which Mary Hynes chairs, has been asked to develop a vision and mission statement for the Y in Arlington. The committee will be contemplating the kinds of services it thinks the Y should provide to Arlington in the future and the facilities needed to provide those services. All of this work will be in the context of what the Y already does and owns in the County.

Street Maintenance - 2004 Slurry Seal

Francis Soulamany, Project Manager for Street Maintenance, has advised BVSCA that some streets in our neighborhood are scheduled for resurfacing. At this time we do not have a list of which roads within BVSCA are scheduled. Work is scheduled to begin in the second week of June and will end sometime in August. Door Hangers will be distributed to residents residing on the streets to be resurfaced and temporary "no parking" signs will be posted.

Cars parked in work areas will be towed. The Slurry seal takes 4-6 hours to dry after which cars may once again use the road. For more information contact or go to

Summer Evening Outdoor Concerts

It's that time again...time to enjoy the free musical concerts around the County. Pack a picnic dinner and head on over to the concerts. Here's when and where - see you there!

"Rock 'til You Shop!" concert series.
Pentagon Row Plaza Wednesday 6pm-8pm
Date and Band

June 02 Unified Jazz Ensemble
June 09 Beach Bums (Beach Boys cover band)
June 16 Lloyd Dobler Effect
June 23 Gonzo's Nose
June 30 The Crowded Streets (Dave Matthew's cover band)
July 07 Ben's Bones
July 14 Zion's Wave (reggae band)
July 21 Junk Food
July 28 The Reflex (80's cover band)
August 04 Fools and Horses
August 11 Jokers Wild (swing)
August 18 Tom Principato (blues)
For more information visit or or call 703-413-6692.

Arts Al Fresco Concert Series
Courthouse Plaza 2100 Clarendon Boulevard
Wednesdays 6:30-8:00 p.m.

May 26 Primitive Mind Eclectic Acoustic
June 02 Harry Wilson Straight Ahead Vibraphone
June 09 Lisa Moscatiello Band Melodic Folk Rock
June 16 Honky Tonk Confidential Country & Western

Crystal Park 2 2200 S. Crystal Drive
Fridays 5-6:30 p.m.

Sept. 17 National Headliner TBA
Sept. 24 Bill Kirchen & Too Much Fun Dieselbilly
Oct. 01 Deanna Bogart Boogie Woogie Swing
For more information go to

Lunch Time Summer Outdoor Concerts

The Arts Al Fresco Summer outdoor concert series also has lunchtime concerts. For a more detailed schedule of these lunchtime concerts go to

Tuesday (Sept. 7 & 14) 11:45-1:15 p.m. at Crystal Park 2, 2200 S. Crystal Drive

Tuesdays (May - Aug) 11:45 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. at the Spice of Life Plaza 1401 Wilson Boulevard, Rosslyn

Wednesdays (May 12- June 9th) 11:30-1:15 p.m at the Crystal City Waterpark, S. Crystal Drive at S. 18th Street

Wednesdays (May - Sept) 11:45-1:15 p.m. Upper Rosslyn beginning at 1555 Wilson Blvd (Strolling troubadours)

Wednesdays (May - Sept) 11:45-1:15 p.m. Lower Rosslyn beginning at 1735 N. Lynn Street

Thursday (Sept. 9 & 16th) 11:45-1:15 p.m. at Crystal Park 2, 2200 S. Crystal Drive

Thursdays (May- Aug 19th) 11:45-1:30 p.m. Metro Park, Between N. Moore & N. Lynn St. Across from Rosslyn Metro

Fridays (May 14-June 18th) 11:45-1:30 p.m. Welburn Square Between Stuart And Taylor Streets, Across from the Ballston Metro
May 14 Viki Nova Acoustic Rock
May 21 Dan "The Man" Cunningham Duo Classic Rock
May 28 52 Pickup Rockabilly
June 04 Janna Audey Musical Yoga
June 11 Colleen Shanley & Casey O'Neill Roots Rock Blues
June 18 Dulcie Taylor Duo Original Modern Folk

Heritage Arts Events at W-L

There are several Heritage Arts Events scheduled and coordinated by the Arlington County Office of Heritage Arts. For more information contact the office at 703-228-1899 or The following two are scheduled to take place at Washington Lee High School.

Sat. July 17 Colombia National Day Association. 7 p.m.
Sun. Aug. 8 Bolivian Festival. 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Lubber Run Amphitheatre Free Outdoor Performances

Lubber Run Park N. 2nd & N. Columbus Streets (two blocks north of Route 50) Performances begin at 8 p.m. unless otherwise noted


Sat. 12 Lucy Bowen McCauley Dance
Sun. 13 Center Dance Company
Mon. 14 The Metropolitan Chorus
Tues. 15 Arlingtones Male Barbershop Chorus
Wed. 16 Potomac Harmony Chorus Female Barbershop Chorus
Sat. 19 Jane Franklin Dance
Sun. 20 2 - 5 p.m. HearAbouts Multicultural Dance Festival
Sat. 26 Ruthie & the Wranglers Roots Rock - Americana
Sun. 27 Rain Date


Sat. 03 BlackWords presents the Fuzz Band Jazz & Poetry
Sat. 10 Hexagon "Wee Puns of Mass Distraction" Satirical revue
Sun. 11 Rain Date
Mon. 12 Olney Theatre Center Romeo & Juliet
Sat. 17 National Concert Band
Sun. 18 Rain Date
Thur. 22 Encore Stage & Studio Workshop performance
Sat. 24 A Cappella Festival with the Tone Rangers
Sun. 25 Rain Date
Sat. 31 8:30 p.m. Moving Visions 1 Video documentary


Sun. 1 8:30 p.m. Moving Visions 2 Video documentary
Sat. 7 Cambodian American Heritage Dancers & Musicians
Sun. 8 Rain Date
Sat. 14 Noon - 10 p.m. Teen Performance Day with Street Theatre
Sun. 15 Rain Date
Sun. 22 Ecuador Festival

Community Yard Sale

By Dann Sklarew
On June 5, 9:30-1:30pm, there will be a community yard sale the first Saturday of June among houses in the Quincy Park North area of the Ballston-Virginia Square neighborhood. This multi-family event will likely include furniture, home electronics, computers, clothes and various nick-knacks. Quincy Park North is located just east of Washington-Lee High School (across N. Quincy St.) and north of Quincy Park (across Washington Blvd.). Concurrent with the W-L flea market, several yard sales have already been confirmed along the 3700-3800 block of 14th Street North, with others expected. To add your yard to the community yard sale list or for more information, please contact Dan at QuincyParkNor

Join BVSCA's Yahoo Groups listserv

Several BVSCA members were unable to get back on BVSCA's old listserv after being kicked off randomly. As a result a new list serv through Yahoo groups was created. If you are a BVSCA member and would like to be added to the list serv please e-mail Ed Parks at

The Ballston Virginia Square Newsletter

Send in your articles!

The Ballston Virginia Square newsletter is published six times a year in advance of bimonthly meetings. Its purpose is to inform residents of issues concerning their community and to encourage them to participate. Anyone wishing to contribute short, informative articles of civic interest or neighborhood events please send them to Denise Parks, 1249 North Utah Street,

Join BVSCA Today!

One BVSCA goal for this year is to increase membership and encourage BVSCA residents to participate in their Civic Association. This includes new members just learning about BVSCA and all previous members who have lost touch. There are several of you on my street alone - you know who you are. BVSCA needs you back. Your experience, knowledge and voice are invaluable to the Association.

The purpose of BVSCA is "to take action to protect and promote the welfare and livability of the Ballston-Virginia Square Civic Association's neighborhoods in particular, and in Arlington, in general". (By-laws of BVSCA) Only with a large, active and vocal membership can BVSCA be effective in its dealings with County officials.

Residents can join by filling out the membership application and paying membership dues. Both of which can be done either by 1) coming to a BVSCA meeting, or 2) by mail. The membership application is on BVSCA's web page and on the back of this newsletter. Dues are $10 per person. Dues are payable when first joining and are renewable each year on or before the anniversary of that date. New members and members who have not paid their dues in the last three years must wait 30 days after paying their dues before receiving voting privileges. Dues are used to help fund the Association's activities and sponsored events. Join the BVSCA today!

BVSCA 2003-2004 Calendar of Meetings

*unless otherwise noted, all meetings are held at the BVSCA's community room located on N. Utah Street between Gaffney's Restaurant and the Windsor Plaza condominiums on the last Tuesday of alternate months. BVSCA Executive meetings begin at 7:00 p.m. Full Membership meetings begin at 7:30 p.m. Meetings adjourn at 9:00pm.

Tuesday, May 27, 2003, Annual meeting - No executive committee meeting
Tues., July 29, 2003
Tuesday, Sept. 30, 2003
Tuesday, November 25, 2003
Tuesday, January 27, 2004
Tuesday, March 30, 2004

BVSCA Annual Dues Payment and Membership Application

Date: ________________________Dues: $10 per year

Name: _______________________________________

Street: _______________________________________

City: _______________________ Zip:_____________


Send my newsletter via: _____ email or _____ mail.

Phone (optional):_____________________________

I'm interested in volunteering to help: ____ yes ____ no

Mail to: DeAndra Beck
BVSCA Treasurer
1301 North Taylor Street
Arlington, VA 22201

Please make checks payable to BVSCA.

BVSCA Officers and Representatives

Ed Parks

Vice President
Dennis Burr

DeAndra Beck

David Ryan

At Large Executive Committee
James Webster
Constance McAdam

Neighborhood Conservation Advisory Committee Representative
Sharon Clayborne Goudie
Alternate Albert Lewis

Arlington County Civic Federation Delegates
Ben Axleroad
David Perlmutter
David Ryan
Ed Parks

Albert Lewis
Rohan Samaraweera
Jim Webster
Denise Parks

Ballston Partnership Representative
Jim Webster

The following positions are not appointed positions but rather volunteer positions. They are listed here so that BVSCA members know who they can go to for information on a specific issue. Please inform Denise Parks of any changes or additions to this list.

Newsletter Editor
Denise Parks

Committee Chairs

Cherrydale Relocation Task Force:
BVSCA Member Ed Parks

Community Preparedness:
David Perlmutter

District 2 Police Committee:
Albert Lewis

Clarendon Task Force & Virginia Square East End:
Dennis Burr
Albert Lewis

Virginia Square Sector Plan Oversight Group
Lew Gulick
Dennis Burr
Connie McAdam
Al Lewis
John Buckley

Condominium Project 10th & Monroe St.
John Buckley

Hayes Park:
Theresa Smith
Maggie Farrell

13th Street Park:
Denise Parks

Building Level Planning Committee:
(Washington-Lee School Project)
BVSCA Representative
Rich Layman

NCAC Sign Committee
DeAndra Beck

YMCA Strategic Planning Committee
Jim Rosen
Maggie Farrell

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