BVSCA Newsletter May 2001


May 29 Meeting Agenda

Please refer to the newsletter for a summary of agenda items. NOTE THE CHANGE IN LOCATION AND TIME OF THE MEETING.

6:30 pm Executive Committee Meeting
7:00 pm Full Membership Meeting

9:00 pm Adjournment

On May 29, BVSCA will be meeting at 7:00 pm in the lobby conference room of the DARPA building at 3701 N. Fairfax Drive. Please bring a picture ID to enter this building. There is limited on-street parking available, as well as nearby garage parking.

BVSCA Membership Meetings are held on the last Tuesday of alternate months from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm. The BVSCA newsletter is published six times per year in advance of the monthly meeting. Our next meeting is July 31, 2001.

Election Coverage

The following individuals were nominated by the BVSCA nominating committee to serve as BVSCA officers and Civic Federation delegates for Membership Year 2001-2. Officers: President, Ben Axleroad; Vice President, Dennis Burr; Treasurer, DeAndra Beck; Recording Secretary, David Ryan; and NCAC Representative, Theresa Smith. Executive Committee: BVSCA officers (3), NCAC Representative, and at-large members (3): Ken Hughes, Jeff Green, 3rd member to be announced. Civic Federation Delegates (4): Kate Wilson, Ernie Ragland, David Ryan, and Rohan Samaraweera. Alternate Civic Federation Delegates (4): Ben Axleroad, Richard Ellis, Tom Sawner, and Valerie Preiss. Please come to the May 29 meeting and cast your vote! Annual dues rates will also be discussed.

Safe Haven?

On May 21, Congressman Jim Moran (D-8th District) met with Audrey Calhoun, superintendent of the National Park Service's (NPS) George Washington Memorial Parkway, to discuss the proposed closing of the Belle Haven marina. As a result of this meeting, a deal was struck to keep the marina open; however, NPS will not increase the number of powerboat wet slips at the marina due to ecological impacts on the nearby Dyke Marsh. It is likely that fees will increase to offset costs of restoring the marina.

On the Edge

A new development, Edgemoor, is planned for the property located at the southwest corner of N. Randolph St and N. Fairfax Drive. The developer has filed a site plan with the county requesting rezoning from C-2/C-010/R-5 to RC. Current plans entail a 95' high building with penthouse, 4000 sq. ft. of retail, 17 visitor/retail parking places, 104 residential apartments with parking, and street landscaping. Join us on May 29 to hear more about the site plan and re-zoning request.

Power Up!

Dominion VA Power plans to go before the Board of Zoning Appeals on June 13 to request a variance to relocate the west wall of its substation (located on the 1000 block of N. Nelson Street) approximately 15' closer to the property line and to relocate the south wall to approximately 1'off the property line in order to add an additional transformer and associated circuits. On July 28, they will seek approval to amend the use permit for the substation accordingly. Representatives of Dominion VA Power will join us on May 29 to discuss the proposed variance and use permit.

Miscellaneous News Items

Dark Shadows. If you would like to report a malfunctioning streetlight, please call the county's recorded telephone line at 703-228-6511. Be sure to have the address where the light is located as well as its pole number when you call.

Cycling About. Registering your bicycle in Arlington is easier than ever. Visit, fill out the form, and click on Submit. You will receive your free bicycle license decal in the postal mail within seven days. Or you can contact the Police Department at 703-228-4252. Registering your bike is easy, free, ensures that you have a record of the serial number, deters theft and may help recover your bicycle in the event that it is stolen.

Car Wars. If you see an abandoned auto, you can leave a message with the county, and a member of the Parking Unit will mark it and tow it, if necessary. Please provide as much detail as possible. The number is 703-228-4144.

It Takes a Thief. Identity theft is an increasing problem in Arlington and nationwide. One tip to avoid identity theft includes being careful about the mail left at a home mailbox for the letter carrier to pick up. This mail can easily be stolen and, if checks are contained in the mail, provide a wealth of information to potential criminals. Mail sensitive items at the post office or neighborhood mailbox. For more information visit, fact sheet #17.

Cap and Gown. The D.C. Area Phi Beta Kappa Association invites all members of Phi Beta Kappa to celebrate Phi Beta Kappa's 225th anniversary. Planned are two special events, one in D.C. and the other on December 6 - 8, 2001, in Williamsburg (in collaboration with the College of William and Mary) to mark the founding of the Society in 1776 on the W & M campus. For more information, contact Christel G. McDonald, at 703-525-9755 or

Free Firewood. For free firewood, please contact John and Laura Crouch at (703) 243-1717.

Listserv. BVSCA members are invited to subscribe to the BVSCA listserv to receive periodic updates on issues of neighborhood interest, as well as the monthly newsletter. How? Send an email message to advising that you would like to join. Include your name and post office address in your message along with the email address(es) from which you will be sending messages. When you are added to the list, you will receive a "Welcome" message with details regarding how to use the listserv. Remember that a message sent by a BVSCA listserv member to will be relayed automatically to all listserv members. To prevent senders of unsolicited commercial email from using our list for unauthorized purposes, only listserv members may send messages to the mailing list from a subscribed address.

Editor's Prerogative

Nothing spoils an outdoor event like pesky mosquitoes or, worse yet, pesky mosquitoes carrying the West Nile virus (WNV). Arlington County is stepping up efforts to prevent an outbreak of WNV, but we need to do our part. Look around your yard and eliminate standing water, a favorite breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Our thanks go out to Mike Chircop as he steps down as BVSCA President. Mike's willingness to serve the community is to be applauded.

DeAndra Beck
Newsletter Editor

Ballston-Virginia Square Civic Association 2000-2001 Executive Committee

Michael Chircop, President
P.O. Box 1434, Arlington, VA 22210 703-525-9518, Ext. #1, Fax Ext #8
Ben Axleroad, Vice President
David Ryan, Secretary
Jeffrey Green, Treasurer
1050 N. Taylor St., #502, 22201 703-276-2723
Theresa Smith, NCAC Representative
DeAndra Beck, Alt. NCAC Representative
Dennis Burr
Ken Hughes
Tom Sawner

How to Join the Ballston-Virginia Square Civic Association or Renew Your Membership

All individual persons who are residents of the Ballston-Virginia Square Civic Association's area or who in their individual capacity own residential property located therein, shall be eligible for membership in the Ballston-Virginia Square Civic Association. For the purposes of this organization, the boundaries of the Ballston-Virginia Square Civic Association are Kirkwood Road on the east, Glebe Road on the west, Wilson Boulevard on the south, and the I-66 right of way on the north.

If interested in joining the Ballston-Virginia Square Civic Association, please complete the BVSCA Membership Application Form below and send your application and dues to Jeffrey Green, Treasurer, Ballston-Virginia Square Civic Association, at the address below.

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