Civic Association Newsletter

March/April 1996 - Volume 19, No. 7


The Civic Association has invited Pete Feheley, Program Sports Supervisor, Arlington's Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Resources, to return to our next Membership Meeting on March 27, 1996, to discuss a proposed public-private venture between the County and Marymount University to upgrade the Quincy Park soccer/football playfield.

Mr. Feheley discussed this proposed public-private venture at our prior Membership Meeting on Wednesday, February 28, 1996. He agreed to return at the request of our members present at that meeting to provide additional specificity about the proposed venture.

In last month's meeting, Mr. Feheley discussed Arlington's Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Resources'(PRCR's) proposed public-private venture between the County and Marymount University to upgrade the Quincy Park soccer/football playfield. Based on their experience with the partnership between the County and George Washington University in supporting the funding of a major upgrade to South Arlington's Barcroft #4 baseball field, PRCR is receptive to the concept of public-private ventures with organizations who have a need for quality athletic facilities and are willing to provide substantial funding. These upgrades can provide a better facility for the Arlington community at minimal cost to taxpayers, while enabling the private organization an opportunity to play and practice at the facility during many of the less popular user times. At this meeting, Mr. Feheley indicated to the Association that the County has another opportunity for a "similar" public-private venture at the Quincy Park soccer/football playfield with Marymount University.

According to Mr. Feheley, the initial upgrade of the Quincy soccer field that Arlington County and Marymount University are currently discussing will require an estimated $50,000 from Marymount University and $10,000 from the County to support the proposed upgrade and partnership, while PRCR will provide the staff to complete the project. Also, Marymount University's annual contribution to the partnership for maintenance of the Quincy soccer field was estimated by Mr. Feheley to be approximately $5,000. The anticipated date of project commencement will be late May with an anticipated date of completion by mid-August 1996.

Mr. Feheley discussed the temporary displacement of some regularly scheduled activities at Quincy Park this summer; these include recreational baseball leagues and the Clyde Beatty/Cole Brothers Circus sponsored by the Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing.

Members present at this meeting expressed concern to Mr. Feheley about the possible loss of this playfield for casual use by our community after the upgrade, especially because Quincy Park is not only centrally located in our County but is the largest open area in the Rosslyn-Ballston corridor. Also, members expressed concern to Mr. Feheley and representatives of Marymount University present at the meeting about the lack of specificity and formalization of the joint venture proposal. Members inquired about:

No written documents describing the terms of the proposed agreement were provided at the meeting. Mr. Feheley responded that their plans were very "preliminary" at this point and that he was not yet looking for a vote of approval from our membership. In fact, Mr. Feheley indicated that the Sports Commission and the Park and Recreation Commission had not voted on this proposal, because they were waiting for feedback from our Association.

Because of the lack of specificity about the proposal, the Executive Committee and members present at the meeting asked that Mr. Feheley not go forward to these Arlington Commissions until after additional information is provided to our Association about what they are contemplating and his return to our next Association's Membership Meeting on March 27th. Also, we asked that these Commissions put off consideration of any action items on the joint venture proposal until their April meetings. Mr. Feheley indicated that he didn't see a problem with that. Also, Mr. Feheley agreed to return to our March Membership Meeting and thanked us for his time.

On March 17, 1996, BVSCA President Ragland received a letter from Janis B. Wood, Chief, Sports Division of the Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Resources, concerning their upcoming presentation at our next Membership meeting on Wednesday, March 27, 1996.

Over the past month, the Department Parks, Recreation and Community Resources (PRCR) has presented the idea of a joint venture between our Department and Marymount University to upgrade the existing playfield area at Quincy Park this summer to the following organizations: the Sports Commission, the Parks and Recreation Commission and members of the American Legion Post 139 leadership. Washington Lee High School was informed of the opportunity for possible field improvements in early February 1996. Normal summer user group of Quincy #1 and Quincy #2 ball fields have been informed that their games and practices may be relocated for this summer only due to possible scheduled improvements at Quincy Park. If improvements are made to the Quincy play field this summer, it is the intention of PRCR to provide all current user groups access to the Quincy Park playfield areas once the improvements have been completed. In addition, greater accessibility to the outfield area of Quincy #3 ballfield area, particularly during the afternoon hours, will be made available to the Washington Lee field hockey teams and possibly recreational youth soccer teams for practices in late summer, early fall of this year.

PRCR staff continues to assist the Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing in securing an alternative site for the Clyde Beatty/Cole Brothers Circus tentatively scheduled for this upcoming Labor Day Weekend.

As a point of further clarification of Marymount University's current relationship with PRCR, Association members may not know that Marymount University has rented fields from PRCR for many years; the University has traditionally used soccer fields at different locations including Quincy Park. This proposed joint venture for field improvements with PRCR increases the financial contribution by Marymount University for rental of Arlington County fields. In the fall of 1995, Marymount University rented Arlington play fields for approximately 40 hours for soccer games and 30 hours for soccer practices. PRCR scheduled approximately 380 hours of soccer, field hockey and flag football games and practices at Quincy Park soccer/football field from August through November in 1995.

The Civic Association has invited Pete Feheley, Program Sports Supervisor, from Arlington's Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Resources, to discuss the updated status of the proposed public-private venture between the County and Marymount University and to discuss the contemplated schedule. If you have any questions or comments about this proposed public-private venture, we invite you to bring them to our Membership Meeting on Wednesday, March 27, 1996, at the Arlington Renaissance Hotel, 2nd floor conference rooms. This item is scheduled for presentation from 7:35 to 8:30 p.m.

Also, the Executive Committee expects that the Association members present at this meeting will vote on whether or not to support the proposed public-private venture for Quincy Park. We invite all interested members to attend and express your views.


Currently, Arlington County staff are working on a number of proposals to change the current zoning and subdivision ordinances. Representatives from the County's offices of Zoning, Planning, and Subdivision Administration will attend our March 27th meeting to discuss the proposals.

Briefly, staff of the Zoning Office formulated their four amendments in response to State Code that requires localities to adopt amendments to their Zoning Codes when there are a significant number of variances requested (and granted) for the same situations. Many times residents need to request variances for additions, placement of air conditioning condensers, etc. because their older homes currently do not conform to current Zoning regulations because of past street widenings, etc. The four amendments are:

Staff of the Office of Subdivision and Bond Administration, along with citizen members of the Subdivision Ordinance Working Group are proposing three changes to this ordinance: