BVSCA Membership Meeting March 2010

Agenda for Meeting Tuesday, 30 March 2010

7:00 PM A. Discussion and planning by officers and representatives until 7:30 pm.

7:30 PM B. Arlington County Police Department Information: Announcements and/or reports concerning law enforcement. Our 1st District police contact: M. Phelan, We are free to contact him/her with questions or requests at 703 228 3600 Ext. 9770.

7:45 PM C. Discussion of Continuing Business and Announcements

BVSCA's Neighborhood Conservation (NC) Plan:

During the last meeting, members expressed interest and availability on getting involved with updating our plan. The goal is to officially form a committee and kick-off the work. A recently approved NC plan and its presentation will be made available to members to facilitate the discussion.

Free Tree Distribution:

Arlington County Parks and Natural Resources Division is promoting the replacement of large canopy trees through the distribution of tree whips 3 - 5 feet in height and potted in two gallon plastic containers which will be available in early May, limited to one per household. The four shade trees available this year are American sycamore, Swamp white oak, River birch and the smaller Sweetbay magnolia. To request a tree for your yard or to speak with a volunteer Tree Steward on the Right Tree for your yard, contact our neighborhood tree coordinator Caryn Ginsberg ( Deadline for requesting is April 28.

News from Washington-Lee (W-L) High School:

The new practice fields at N. Quincy St. and Washington Boulevard are not usable until Spring 2011, i.e. they are off-limits for a whole year. If there are concerns, they may be directed to the APS office of Design & Construction, Project Manager, Steve Stricker 703-228-7749.

W-L noticed the communication from BVSCA members about homeless people around Quincy Park. There appears to be homeless encampment at the corner of 15th St. and Quincy St. in the bushes by the parking deck and the parking deck itself. Arlington authorities are limited in dealing with this as it is property owned by VDOT. This has been referred to W-L resource officer to follow up.

The W-L track and stadium area are open to the public most days unless there are school sporting events. The spring sports season is the busiest and there will be many days and evenings when sports activities are being held, so the track will not be available for public use.

8:30 PM D. Business Meeting

Report of the President

Report of the Treasurer

Report of Committee Members

8:45 PM E. New business.

Adjourn Meeting. Motion and second needed.

Ballston-Virginia Square Civic Association Information

BVSCA meetings are normally held on the last Tuesday of alternate months. (2010-Jan 26, Mar 30, May 25, Jul27, Sep 28, Nov 30). The location is the public meeting room behind (north of) the Willow Restaurant, northeast corner of N. Utah St. and Fairfax Dr., Ballston Station Building (4301), Arlington. The entrance is the fourth set of green doors, 1000 block on N. Utah St.

BVSCA has parking garage arrangements in the Ballston Station Building, 4301 N. Fairfax Drive. Bring your Colonial Parking ticket to the meeting; we will stamp it with a mark (BVSCA Arlington, VA) that the garage attendants recognize. The parking garage entrance is on the building's east side, 1000 block of N. Taylor St. Elevators will bring you from garage to street level. On arrival, you must exit the building on the ground floor to enter our meeting room on the N. Utah St. side.

Parking Garage: Contacts: Jim Lawlor, 202 295 8210, Solomon Aklilu, garage manager at 4301 N. Fairfax Dr.

Officers and representatives elected and/or appointed for 2009- 2010:

Neighborhood Conservation Advisory Committee:

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