BVSCA Membership Meeting March 2008

Agenda for Meeting 25 March 2008

Important Notice. BVSCA now has parking garage arrangements in the Ballston Station Building, 4301 N. Fairfax Drive. Bring your Colonial Parking ticket to the meeting; we will stamp it with a mark (BVSCA Arlington, VA) that the attendants recognize. The parking garage entrance is on the building's east side, 1000 block of N. Taylor St. Elevators will bring you from garage to street level. You must exit the building on the ground floor to enter our meeting room on the N. Utah St. side.

7:00 PM A. Discussion and planning by officers and representatives until 7:30 pm

7:30 PM B. Open meeting. A quorum present, the meeting will come to order.

Administrative: Review last BVSCA meeting; Report of the Treasurer; Report of the Secretary/Recorder

Committee and Appointments: members or personnel update; names of representatives who represent us (Appointments/Election Worksheet, delegates to the AC Civic Federation, Members-At-Large, others)

Approve by vote recent appointments

News and assignments: Newsletter Editor (Nia Bagley); Program Committee; Neighborhood activity--Candidates for School Board, Request for auditor recommendation, Advertise a new school, Volunteers to Cherrydale Health and Rehabilitation Center, etc. Consider a Membership Committee (coordinate with Treasurer). Name a Parliamentarian.

7:45 PM C. Arlington County Police Department Information. Captain Franz Desamour. BVSCA is now in the Police Department's new 1st District. Corporal David Green Jr., Operations Division, has been assigned as liaison to BVSCA. We are free to contact him with questions or requests at 703 228 4348.

8:00 PM D. Presentation on Washington-Lee High School opening, construction, other developments, etc.Paul Jamelske, Principal, Washington-Lee High School had an open house at the new W-L on Sunday 2/3/08 from 2:00-4:00 PM. I attended this and it was a great opportunity for viewing this building and its modern facilities. The jazz band made things lively as well! This session is an update for us: we asked for a review of topics that Paul considers important to our community. Much appreciated.

8:30 PM E. Presentation on Lift Station on N. Kirkwood Rd. where Arlington County stores equipment, sand, and other material for unspecified periods of time. Residents have raised the issue of the site's appearance, litter, and traffic flow. What is the future for this part of BVSCA? The storage issue and restoration of the site will be covered. The site, formerly administered by Arlington Public Schools is now in the custody of the Department of Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Resources. Phil Loar, Water Pollution Control Bureau. Response from Larry Slattery: Thanks, Daniel. I appreciate discussing this issue with you and I look forward to meeting you and your association members on 3/25/08.

BVSCA message: Dear Mr. Loar, I am inviting you to meet with residents of the Ballston-Virginia Square Civic Association area to discuss the storage of material at the Kirkwood Lift Station. Those who live near the site are concerned about their properties, and would like an opportunity to discuss issues with you associated with this facility first hand. I'm sure that it would benefit everyone and contribute to an understanding of what is involved. (Administrative remarks omitted.) Thank you. Sincerely, Daniel B. Corts, President, Ballston-Virginia Square Civic Association.

9:00 PM F. Neighborhood Conservation Advisory Committee (NCAC)
Robert Preiss, Representative; Whitney Wilson, Alternate

NCAC update covering new project funding and approval in the coming months. New procedures for awarding points to projects proposed are being studied. Work has begun with a survey (Survey Monkey) for collecting data necessary for revising our "Neighborhood Plan" that is now over 23 years old (1984).

BVSCA Project N436: Steps have been taken to complete the final phases of this curb, gutter, sidewalk, grass area work in the 1200 Block of N. Vernon St. financed by the 2004 Bond. A 90% Design Review will be held soon to discuss final design and construction options for the street. Modifications to the street plan will show in the new diagrams.

9:30 PM G. New business:

BVSCA Newsletter progress toward production and a plan for distribution: Nia Bagley

Nominating Committee work progress toward elections in May: Maurya Meiers

Comments on activities of the Arlington County Civic Federation: Any ACCF representative who attended

Adjournment. Ballston-Virginia Square Civic Association Information

BVSCA meetings are normally held on the last Tuesday of alternate months. (2007-Sep 25, Nov 27; 2008-Jan 29, Mar 25, May 27, Jul 29, Sep 30, Nov 25). The location is the public meeting room behind (north of) the Willow Restaurant, northeast corner of N. Utah St. and Fairfax Dr., Ballston Station Building (4301), Arlington. The entrance is the fourth set of green doors, 1000 block on N. Utah St. Parking is authorized in building for BVSCA members who present stamped tickets when leaving on scheduled meeting days.

Officers and representatives elected and appointed at our regular meeting on September 25, 2007:

BVSCA Membership Application

Date: ________________________

Dues: $10 per year. Please make checks payable to BVSCA.

Name: _______________________________________

Street: _______________________________________

City: _______________________ Zip:_____________


Send my newsletter via: _____ email or _____ mail.

Phone (optional):_____________________________

I'm interested in volunteering to help: ____ yes ____ no

Mail to:Daniel B. Corts, 1223 N. Vernon Street, Arlington, VA 22201

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