BVSCA Membership Meeting January 2008

Agenda for Meeting 29 January 2008

7:00 PM A. Discussion and planning by officers and representatives until 7:30 pm

7:30 PM B. Open meeting, come to order.

Review previous meeting

Report of the Treasurer: membership, dues, collection, etc.

Report of the Secretary/Recorder

Committee members or personnel update; names of representatives who represent us and data

Old business

News and issues to be discussed and resolved:

7:45 PM C. Arlington County Police Department Information. Captain Franz Desamour. BVSCA is now in the Police Department's new 1st District. Corporal David Green Jr., Operations Division, has been assigned as liaison to BVSCA. We are free to contact him with questions or requests at 703 228 4348.

8:00 PM D. Presentation on New Plans for Hot Lanes Construction on I95/I395 (deferred from the 27 November 2007 meeting; estimated 15-20 minutes).

From: Eric Sutton; Sent: Monday, September 17, 2007 2:54 PM. HOT Lanes Briefing.

I'm working with VDOT and the HOT Lanes Project Team on community outreach for the I-95/I-395 HOV/Bus/HOT Lanes Project. Construction is scheduled to begin as early as next year so we are trying to educate the surrounding communities about the project: 15-20 minute briefing on the project.

8:30 PM E. ZOM Mid-Atlantic; Developer of multi-use building at 1200 N. Irving St., Martin Ditto

Program details: ZOM Mid-Atlantic purchased property at 1200 N. Irving St. (between Washington Blvd, N. Irving, and 13th St. North from Faison Development. ZOM is an owner/developer of fine residential properties in various U. S. markets. When construction is complete, the building will consist of a mid-rise residential community with ground floor retail uses and an underground garage. (Arlington County Site Plan #392)

9:00 PM F. Neighborhood Conservation Advisory Committee (NCAC)
Robert Preiss, Representative; Whitney Wilson, Alternate

NCAC update covering new project funding and approval in the coming months. New procedures for awarding points to projects proposed are being studied. Work has been on hold for over a year due to construction backlog and available funding. Cost overruns cause delays in scheduled work. Work has begun with a survey (Survey Monkey) for collecting data necessary for revising our "Neighborhood Plan" that is now over 23 years old (1984). See bound booklet NVAC Fall 2007 Funding Session, Proposed Projects, (Handouts) December 13, 2007 (no BVSCA work, but good examples).

BVSCA Project N436: Steps have been taken to complete the final phases of this curb, gutter, sidewalk, grass area work in the 1200 Block of N. Vernon St. financed by the 2004 Bond.

9:30 PM G. New business:
BVSCA Newsletter progress toward production and a plan for distribution: Nia Bagley

Adjournment (Motion made and seconded)

Ballston-Virginia Square Civic Association Information

BVSCA meetings are normally held on the last Tuesday of alternate months. (2007-Sep 25, Nov 27; 2008-Jan 29, Mar 25, May 27, Jul 29, Sep 30, Nov 25). The location is the public meeting room behind (north of) the Willow Restaurant, northeast corner of N. Utah St. and Fairfax Dr., Ballston Station Building (4301), Arlington. The entrance is the fourth set of green doors, 1000 block on N. Utah St.

Officers and representatives elected and appointed at our regular meeting on September 25, 2007:

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