Civic Association Newsletter

December 1996 - Volume 20, No. 3

This Newsletter was issued on Friday, December 13, 1996. Because of the file size, it was divided into 10 files as follows.

  1. Wednesday, December 18, 1996 BVSCA's Fourth Annual Christmas Party.

  2. Update on Construction at GMU-Virginia Square.

  3. Arlington Delegates to Receive Citizen Comments.

  4. Board Approves Nature Conservancy Amended Site Plan.

  5. Expansion of Hecht's at Ballston Common Mall.

  6. BVSCA Survey Results Presented to Board.

  7. Arlington's Legislative Public Hearing (Draft #2).

  8. Arlington County Civic Federation 1997 Legislative Package.

  9. S. 1880 Stop Tax-Exempt Arena Debt Issuance Act ("STADIA").

  10. Citizen Lawsuit Claims Board Wrong in Demeter House Vote.

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