BVSCA's May 4, 1998, Letter to Chairman Kathleen Seefeldt, Transportation Planning Board

RE: Draft Regional Transportation Vision for the National Capital Region

Dear Chairman Seefeldt:

This is to advise you that on April 28, 1998, the Ballston-Virginia Square Civic Association (BVSCA) at its April Membership Meeting reviewed and discussed the National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board (TPB) proposed Vision Statement. Overall, our Association of more than 300 dues-paid members located in North Arlington, Virginia, whose boundaries include the Virginia Square Metro Station and the Ballston-MU Metro Station, congratulate the TPB for your comprehensive and strategic planning document.

All the members present at the meeting expressed their appreciation for this excellent long-range planning document. Our members would like to share some observations about the document, and would like to recommend several additions to the document to help make it more meaningful for our Metropolitan Washington area and our community.

Observations:BVSCA suggests that the Spider Web Network, described under the 3 key concepts of the Vision, be more clearly defined in terms of the jurisdictions. Some members thought that the Outer Suburban Jurisdictions were outside the Hub and Spoke diagram; whereas, others thought, it was inside the green area of the diagram. The Spider Web Network needs to be clearly labeled in terms of the Central Jurisdictions, Inner Suburban Jurisdictions, and Outer Suburban Jurisdictions. Also, some members expressed concern about the Spider Web Network potentially adversely affecting the integrity of neighborhoods inside the beltway, especially if additional roads are added to cut through existing neighborhoods.

Under Item 3, Enhanced Funding Mechanisms, our Association suggests that language be added (1) recommending the use of gasoline taxes or highway trust funds for the use that was originally intended to help close the funding gap, and (2) a congestion tax method/technique be considered as a possible long-range funding source.

Recommendations: Under Policy Goal #2 and Policy Goal #5, BVSCA recommends two new Strategies for each goal, as follows:

Policy Goal #2

(11) Encourage professional sports facility's development within the District of Columbia core and around metro rail service.

(12) Extend, expand, and integrate rail service between Washington Dulles International and National airports.

Policy Goal #5

(8) Encourage local jurisdictions to establish visitor parking requirements for residential high-rises/townhouses.

(9) Develop and implement a regional public parking plan to encourage increased use of public transit.

Please call me if you have any questions. Thank you.

Ernie Ragland, President
Ballston-Virginia Square Civic Association

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