Civic Association Newsletter

September/October 1996 - Volume 20, No. 1


On August 6, 1996, a proposed major site plan amendment, SP #275 Virginia Square Center Apartments (Site: Immediately to the east of the Virginia Square Metro Station, block bounded by Fairfax Drive, North Lincoln Street, vacated 9th Street North and North Monroe Street) was heard by the Site Plan Review Subcommittee (SPRS) of the Planning Commission. This item is scheduled from 9:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., following the candidates panels.

This site plan amendment request for an approved high rise residential building was submitted by the site plan applicant, Dittmar Company [(703) 356-6900]. The site is zoned "RA-H- 3.2", Multiple Family and Dwelling Districts, and is designated as "High" Residential (4.8 FAR Residential) on the General Land Use Plan. The approved plan was approved by the County Board in 1989 and is at the maximum height (180 feet) and density (4.8 FAR). The proposal is slightly shorter (170 feet), has the same density (4.8 FAR), has less site coverage and provides more parking than the approval. Both the approved and proposed projects have their main entrance on North Monroe Street, with loading and parking garage entrances on North Lincoln Street. The southern portion of the site is designed to function as a public "greenway", with a walkway, benches, trees and lights.

The applicant was asked to return to the SPRS on September 10, 1996 (following the BVSCA Newsletter going to print) to provide more information on the following issues:

A brief comparison of the approved project with the proposed project shows that many of the project's requirements are either the same or slightly different. For example, the approved site plan shows a residential FAR of 4.8, density in G.F.A. of 256,852 sq. ft. and 236 apartment units in comparison to the proposed amended site plan with a residential FAR of 4.8, density in G.F.A. of 256,877 sq. ft., and 232 apartment units. There are some positive differences in the number of parking spaces between the approved plan and the proposed amended plan. For example, the approved site plan shows only 241 parking spaces for the 236 apartment units; whereas, the proposed amended plan shows 290 parking spaces for the 232 apartment units.

If you have any questions or comments about the proposed Virginia Square Center Apartments site plan amendment, we invite you to bring them to our Membership Meeting on Wednesday, September 18, 1996, at the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association building, 4301 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, 1st floor conference room. This item is scheduled from 9:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., following the candidates panel for the Commonwealth of Virginia's 8th Congressional District Candidates. This matter will be heard by the Planning Commission on September 24, 1996, and is scheduled for an Arlington County Board hearing on October 5, 1996.

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