Civic Association Newsletter

September/October 1996 - Volume 20, No. 1


This is to invite you to the Ballston-Virginia Square Civic Association's (BVSCA's) Candidates Night meeting on Wednesday, September 18, 1996, at 7:30 p.m., at the first floor conference room of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association building, 4301 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, Virginia. We have planned two candidates panels, beginning with the Arlington County School Board candidates, at 7:30 p.m., followed by the candidates for Virginia's 8th Congressional District, at approximately 8:30 p.m.

At the Ballston-Virginia Square Civic Association's Candidates Night meeting on Wednesday, September 18, 1996, at 7:30 p.m., at the first floor conference room of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association building, 4301 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, Virginia, the candidates will have up to five minutes for opening statements, followed by a question and answer period for each panel.

In order to promote increased public participation, individual questions will be limited to 45 seconds and candidate responses will be limited to 3 minutes for each question. The first three questions for each session will be from BVSCA members, followed by questions from non-members or BVSCA members attending the meeting.

We urge all citizens in our Ballston-Virginia Square neighborhood to attend these sessions and take this opportunity to meet personally with the candidates, and to learn more about the issues which will be the basis for casting your votes in the November 5, 1996 General Election.

For the first panel, we will hear from the three candidates for the Arlington County School Board--Libby Garvey, Ric Roca, and Frank Wilson. The following background information was provided by the candidates at the Association's request to assist you in learning more about the candidates and their views. The Association asked that the candidate responses be limited to 500 words or less.


Statement of Libby Garvey (I)
Candidate for Arlington School Board

Libby Garvey -- Better Schools for a Stronger Arlington

Libby is a graduate of Mount Holyoke College. She has lived in Arlington since 1977. She and her husband Kennan have two daughters who have attended Abingdon Elementary, Drew Model and H.B. Woodlawn Schools. Ruth currently attends H.B. Woodlawn. Shannon is in her first year at the College of William and Mary.

Independent Consultant/Facilitator for career and Myers-Briggs
counseling/workshops, 1984 to present
Associate Director, Mount Holyoke College Washington
Internship Program, 1979-1984
Legislative Aide, Representative Lee Hamilton (D Ind.)
Country Desk Assistant, Africa Region, US Peace Corps,
Peace Corps Volunteer and Trainer, Central African Republic,

Vice-President, County Council of PTAs
Vice-President, Fairlington Citizens Association
Secretary, HB Woodlawn Parent Advisory Committee
Founder, United for Excellence
Vice-Chair, Advisory Council on Instruction
Assistant Editor, County Councilor Newsletter
County Council Representative, Parent Involvement Committee
President, Abingdon PTA
Representative, Abingdon PTA, Advisory Council on Instruction
Chair, Abingdon PTA Family Life Education Committee
Career Counselor, Center for Women and Families
Volunteer Co-coordinator, Abingdon PTA
Volunteer Coordinator, Abingdon Playground Project

As your school board member, Libby will work hard to ensure:

Libby believes that each child should be encouraged to achieve
his or her personal best. Libby will work for:

Libby believes in the wise use of every taxpayer dollar. Libby
will work for:

Libby is committed to providing each school with the space,
programs and teachers needed to meet high standards. Libby
will work for:


Libby believes that community involvement in school issues is
vital for quality decisions. Libby will work for:

To host or attend an event for Libby, call Betsy O'Conner at 527-5045. To volunteer or contribute to Libby's campaign, call John McCracken 538-5685 or Libby at 820-3523; or e-mail to

Statement of Ric Roca (I)
Candidate for Arlington School Board

Ric Roca for Arlington School Board

A graduate of Tulane University - School of Engineering, Ric Roca is a Computer Simulation Specialist directly involved in multi-million-dollar research-and-development of state-of-the-art training and instructional technology. He is also a former math- and-science classroom teacher at Arlington Public Schools and continues to work with Arlington youth as a baseball and football coach and as an academic mentor at The George Washington University Science and Engineering Apprentice Programs. Ric Roca is an appointed commissioner to the Arlington County Multicultural Advisory Commission and is an active member in various community organizations including the Ballston-Virginia Square Civic Association.

For the third consecutive year, Ric Roca is conducting a campaign that identifies deficiencies in Arlington Public Schools and that proposes possible solutions to these deficiencies. His platform calls to 1). Convert Office Guidance Counselors into Guidance Classroom Teachers, 2). Modify Curricula to Incorporate and Emphasize Workplace Relevance of Classroom Topics, and 3). Improve the Cost-Effectiveness of Administrative and Other Supportive Services.

The first plank proposes that guidance counselors --who are certified teachers-- conduct active and formal classroom instruction (1 to 3 days per week to allow time for individual counseling) that challenges students to learn and to demonstrate competence --as grade promotion and graduation requirements-- on what behavior is expected of them as depicted by school policy and by local, state, and federal law. This mode of guidance and counseling could also be used to involve students in research-oriented on the dynamics of the job market and on instruction on resume preparation, job interviewing, professional grooming and etiquette, etc.

The second plank addresses the fact that many Arlington kids have no ideas what they are going to do when they grow up. It submits that when a student asks "when am I ever going to use this?" he or she should get a valid answer to a valid question --not the customary "you'll need it next year" or "you'll need it for the exam." The outlook is that we can produce supplementary material --with the assistance of industry leaders-- that would facilitate connections of classroom topics withapplications in the real world of industry.

The third plank explains that only one out of five dollars spent by Arlington Public Schools goes to the salaries of regular classroom teachers. It presents that even though taxpayers provided nearly $9,000 per child this academic year, only $20 per student went to instructional technology and only $3.50 per elementary school student went to science equipment. It exposes that the sum of the salaries of a dozen top-level administrators is comparable to the entire budget of some schools. This plank is consistent with the President's declaration that "the era of big government is over" and with a statement from the Chairman of the Arlington County Board which urges school officials for ways to save money. Ric Roca is not after reducing funding for our public schools --he is interested in redirecting funding away from redundant and superfluous centralized bureaucracy and into the classrooms for the direct benefit of students.

Ric Roca
P.O. Box 5370, Arlington, VA 22205 - (703) 524-5083

Statement of Frank K. Wilson (I)
Candidate for Arlington School Board


BECAUSE FRANK PUTS CHILDREN FIRST: Frank helped to create Arlington's first all-day kindergarten, continuously supported the rapid and responsible adoption of technology, supported achievement-oriented minority assistance programs, helped establish the Claremont Early Childhood Center and Science Focus alternative schools. Frank brings an essential, basic and fundamental diversity of viewpoint to School Board deliberations and decisions.

No other candidate knows better than Frank that quality education for all students must continue to be Arlington's first priority. Frank has twice chaired the Arlington School Board (1987-88 and 1992-93) during his 12 years as a member. He is forthright, frank and honest. Under his oversight, taxpayers' dollars have been spent wisely to make Arlington one of the best school systems in Virginia.

Frank would like to continue excellent programs, and is pushing to:

Frank is a retired government engineer/computer professional. He holds a Master degree in Business Management from Central Michigan University and undergraduate degrees in computer science (University of the District of Columbia) and in civil engineering (Oregon Institute of Technology).

Before his retirement, Frank worked at the Pentagon on the Joint Chief's staff. He and his wife, Bessie, have three children - all graduates of Arlington Public Schools. He has served Arlington in many volunteer capacities, including the PTAs of Glebe Elementary School, Williamsburg Middle School, and Washington-Lee High School; as president of the John M. Langston Citizens Association; and as a member of the Board of Directors for Arlington Hospital, Virginia School Boards Association, and Northern Virginia Hospice. He is a deacon of Mt. Olive Baptist Church, and a member of the Arlington Committee of 100, ABC, Arlington Kiwanis, and the Civic Coalition for Minority Affairs.


PANEL 2 -- Commonwealth of
Virginia's 8th Congressional District Candidates

Statement of Ward Edmonds (Reform Party)
Candidate for Virginia's 8th Congressional District

The most important ideas that I would like to share with your readers are:

  1. Understand that we, the people, are the owners of this great county.
  2. Realize that we, the people, can make the difference.
  3. In the Reform Party, every issue must pass through one filter:

Is it good for our country and the people of America?

A couple of other thoughts for your readers:

1. Jobs.

2. Perhaps it is time for some fresh ideas in Congress. For instance, we have research that proves the number of federal workers per american actually has declined slightly and steadily since 1950. So yes, the federal government is too powerful, but that is the fault of the large and vague omnibus bills written by Congress. Then when our good government workers try to make decent regulations, our elected officials take pot shots at the "bureaucracy", blaming the federal workers for Congress's own failures. Clear and short laws written by Congressmen and women (not lobbyists) would help greatly, plus that would eliminate the huge amounts of hidden Corporate Welfare that is the main reason our budget is not balanced.

3. More critical right now to the 8th District Congressional District is, No, the federal workforce is not too large; it is simply misaligned. The fastest way to fix it is not a top down review as foisted on us by the current Administration. The federal workers know what works and what doesn't. So I believe we should have a bottom up review with:

4. Finally, I believe it is time for we, the people, to take charge of our communities. Not only must we help the downtrodden, but we have the right to protect ourselves against those who care little for the safety of the public.

Statement of Dr. Sarina J. Grosswald
(Natural Law Party of Virginia)
Candidate for Virginia's 8th Congressional District

It is a great pleasure to introduce myself and the Natural Law Party. I am a Virginia native, born in Richmond and living in Alexandria for 17 years. I have a doctorate degree in Human Resource Development from George Washington University, and develop educational programs for physicians. I was Associate Director of Education at the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists for 11 years, and now have my own consulting business as a medical educator.

The Natural Law Party is the fastest growing third party in the country. Our party will be on the ballot in 48 states, with local, state, and federal candidates, as well as our presidential ticket of John Hagelin, PhD and Mike Tompkins, PhD.

The cornerstones of the Natural Law Party are education and prevention. These are principles I have worked for throughout my professional career. I am running for congress because, like many of you, I am concerned about Congress's inability to solve the problems we are facing. The problems of health care; educating our students not only in basic skills, but in moral reasoning and farsighted thinking; the epidemic of violence in our schools and on the streets, and the quality of food we eat and the water we drink.

I want to solve these problems by prevention-oriented government. Rather than crisis management, prevention- oriented government can both solve existing problems and prevent future ones from arising. Decisions made by Congress should be based on what works, not on partisan conflict or the influence of powerful special interest groups and political action committees.

I support health strategies that focus on prevention, and that strengthen the general health of the nation, shifting our focus from disease care to health care. Disease prevention can reduce health costs by at least 50%.

We currently have the highest percentage of citizens behind bars of any industrialized country. I want to focus on a long-term solution to the pervasive problem of crime. Crime prevention should be directed at the root cause of crime by supporting systematic, scientifically proven programs to reduce stress in the individual and throughout society. We should target those who are at highest risk for crime, the current prison population, through proven rehabilitation programs. I support effective educational programs that keep children in school, off the streets and out of the reach of crime.

Through the hundreds of billions of dollars saved annually by these cost-effective solutions to crime, spiraling health costs, and other costly social problems, we can cut taxes deeply and responsibly while protecting the integrity of our important social programs.

It is important to realize that you have a choice on November 5. If you vote for politics as usual, you are sending the message to Congress that "yes, we're happy with what you are doing. Keep it up."

If you want to make a difference with your vote, vote for change. It is time for fresh ideas, and it is time to send someone to Congress with solutions that work.

Dr. Sarina J. Grosswald
(PO Box 22254 Alexandria, VA 22304, Phone (703) 271-6477,
Fax (703) 823-6934.)

Statement of Jim Moran (D), Incumbent
Candidate for Virginia's 8th Congressional District

Jim Moran won his third term in the U.S. House of Representatives in November 1994. He is the ranking Democratic member on the Civil Service Subcommittee of the Government Reform and Oversight Committee. Jim also serves on the International Relations Committee, and sits on the International Operations and Human Rights Subcommittee.

Elected first in 1990 to represent the Eighth District of Virginia in the U.S. House of Representatives, Jim Moran has fought hard for federal employees, issues relating to women and families, and law enforcement. He continues to show dynamic leadership in the revitalization of our economy, improvement of Northern Virginia's regional transportation system and making government-assisted housing areas more secure. Jim has worked for legislation to protect homeowners, eliminate inappropriate television programming for children, protect individuals' privacy and provide funding for pediatric research. Improvement of our public health care system continues to receive his strong support, as does the cause of federal employee and military retiree benefits. Jim's recent initiatives include measures aimed at reducing international child labor abuses and providing more federal funding for schools. Specific actions have included:

Public Safety


Health Care

Federal Workers

Statement of John Otey (R)
Candidate for Virginia's 8th Congressional District

John Otey for Congress "Join the fight!"

Increasing taxes, more government regulations, a continuing decline in the quality of education, fewer business opportunities...even a lack of confidence in the course charted for wonder there is a distrust of most politicians and public policies.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

What's needed in Congress is a community leader with a healthy combination of courage and common sense... who wants to give back government to the governed...and who does not see the empowerment of people as a threat to his political career.

Does that sound like Jim Moran?

Hardly. That's why John Otey is addressing such Northern Virginia concerns as crime, welfare reform, environmental concerns, and more. He's got the new ideas and the fresh energy so very much needed to bring about real and positive change.

John Otey is leading the fight to bring government back to the people.

Will you join the fight?

Otey! Congress

* Only one of two of his college graduating class to earn three Bachelor of Science degrees in just four years: Political Science, History, and Pre-Law.

* Captain, U.S. Marine Corps; Graduate USMC Officer Candidate and Basic Schools at Quantico.

* Naval Flight Officer; flew intelligence, reconnaissance, and drug interdiction missions.

* Currently Senior Manager of a multi-million dollar airport terminal safety program for the Federal Aviation Administration.

* Former Logistics Manager for a nearly one billion dollar aircraft weapons system program.

John Otey is the kind of leader who will make a difference in Congress...he'll rely on common sense in shaping public policy...he has a commitment more important than political power...and he has the good judgement and reliable demeanor needed to be effective on Capital Hill.

The choice is ours: The new, fresh ideas of John Otey or two more years of the incumbent politician Jim Moran.

"Your help is key to my success on November 5th. Please "join the fight" to bring back government to the people. Thanks!"

(THE JOHN OTEY FOR CONGRESS COMMITTEE, 405 South Glebe Road, Arlington, VA 22204, 703-979-9600)

Statement of
Charles Stanard Severance (Independent Candidate)
Candidate for Virginia's 8th Congressional District

Congressional Presumptive Charles Stanard Severance, Engineer for the future - building a better tomorrow.

A 1996 Legitimate Candidate for US Congress from the
Virginia 8th District
A Defender of the Faith
A Defender of the Constitution
A Ross Perot Adherent

Having the advantage of a privileged education, Charles Stanard Severance has built a political career on simultaneously supporting the plutocracy and the proletariat. The registered professional mechanical engineer seeks to improve life in the 8th District of Virginia and the United States of America by advocating tax breaks for business and giving strong support to labor. His iron grip on common sense makes him a force to be reckoned with, especially as a power broker. His adamant stands on controversial issues, including: 1) define the role of government 2) cut taxes 3) anti-smoking 4) pro-guns 5) anti-Voice of America 6) cut mental retardation & mental health spending 7) survival of the fittest make him immensely popular with the strong. Practical, good natured and fun - he hopes to persuade people to invest prudently, keep the faith and country dance.

Vote for Severance November 5, 1996 on general election day, witness the dispelling of the Democratic Myth and prepare to dance dance dance. "Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness," remembers Severance "are for all Americans" and "el justo por la fe vivira - the righteous will live by faith."

Regional Woodrow Wilson Bridge and Baseball Stadium are addressed as follows.

Having reviewed the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Improvement/Replacement Study(s), attended the 5 September 1996 and 7 February 1996 work sessions and also having talked with residents, Charles Stanard Severance, Legitimate 1996 Candidate for the US House of Representatives from the 8th District, recommends:

Alternative #5, Southern Alignment High Bridge ($1.9 billion)

With Congressman Severance, we will compel the World Bank to vouchsafe $1.5 billion dollars towards the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Replacement.

This promising solution will:

  1. Expand the frontiers of the great City of Alexandria by shifting the bridge and part of the I-495 Capital Beltway "south" allowing the great City of Alexandria to reclaim land that was lost a long time ago.

  2. Eliminate the need for an ugly "eye-sore" smelly noisy 7 story mechanical ventilation shaft with lots of moving parts per tunnel design.

  3. Compel great Fairfax County to make a minor sacrifice.

  4. Eliminate the need for a fleecing toll.

  5. Encourage our posterity.

Please understand that Charles Severance is a professional engineer and his unique international financing experience as a power broker will lead the way towards 100% funding by the Federal Government and the World Bank. Before a group of tax payers, Severance declared; "We have made many deposits in the World Bank, it is time to withdraw $1.5 billion and pay for a Southern Alignment High Bridge."

** Important Notes:

a) The notorious current alignment high bridge option is not nor should it be confused with the auspicious Southern Alignment High Bridge option.

b) The bridge issue is a distinct difference between Charles Severance and Jim Moran.

Concerning Professional Baseball in the region:

  1. Severance supports the Baltimore Orioles.

  2. Severance does not support taxing the regional people $40 million to help pay for the Washington Bureaucrats' baseball stadium.

703 671 4408
(Severance Campaign Home Page with more details)

Please feel free to make some "campaign contribution" money deposits into the Severance favor bank. Make checks payable to: Severance for Congress.
Mail checks to: 3452 Gunston Road, Alexandria, VA 22302

More importantly, vote for Severance.

Authorized by a Severance Letter of Marque

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