Civic Association Newsletter

October/November 1997 - Volume 21, No. 1

NEW EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEMBER APPOINTED This is to announce that former BVSCA Executive Committee member, Dorothy Sticken, submitted her resignation in September 1997. Ms. Sticken has moved out of Arlington after 29 years of continuous residency in our County. Ms. Sticken was an active member of the Ballston-Virginia Square Civic Association for many years, and attended most of our Membership Meetings and Executive Committee meetings the past five years. To fill the vacancy created by Dorothy Sticken's resignation, effective September 30, 1997, the Executive Committee at its meeting on October 1, 1997, voted unanimously to appoint Thomas E Sawner, Arlington, VA, as the new Executive Committee member-at-large for the BVSCA 1997-98 Executive Committee.

Ms. Dorothy Sticken had previously testified many times at County Board meetings on such subjects as the meals tax, public safety, and different site plans. She will be greatly missed by our Civic Association and 1020 Quincy Street. The Association wishes her well in her new home in Reston, Virginia.

Former Executive Committee member, Dorothy Sticken, was elected at the Annual Membership Meeting on May 28, 1997, to serve on the 1997-98 Executive Committee. Tom Sawner's appointment was made pursuant to the Ballston-Virginia Square Civic Association's By-Laws, Article IV. Officers, Section 4. Vacancies, "In the event that any office or other elected executive post becomes vacant, the Executive Committee shall appoint any qualified member to serve until a successor is elected." Mr. Sawner, who has been an active participant in a number of our Association meetings this past year accepted the appointment.

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