Civic Association Newsletter

October/November 1997 - Volume 21, No. 1

PANEL 4 -- Candidates for Arlington County Board

For the fourth and last panel, for the Ballston-Virginia Square Civic Association's (BVSCA's) Candidates Night meeting on Wednesday, October 29, 1997, beginning at approximately 9:45 p.m., at the Fairfax/Wilson/Glebe Room, Holiday Inn at Ballston, 4610 North Fairfax Drive, Arlington, Virginia, we will hear from the announced candidates for the Arlington County Board -- Barbara Favola (D), Joszet Hudson (I), Arlene Smith (Reform), and Ben Winslow (R), to fill the unexpired term of Jim Hunter, who resigned from the Board in September 1997.

The following background information was provided by the candidates at the Association's request to assist you in learning more about the candidates and their views. The Association asked that the candidate responses be limited to 500 words or less.

Statement of Barbara Favola (D)

Candidate for Arlington County Board

Dear Friend:

As a Board member, I will work to ensure that Arlington provides high quality services, beautiful parks and safe streets for the lowest tax burden in the region. My vision of careful investment will help ensure that Arlington is a liveable and attractive community for generations to come.

For 15 years, I have worked in partnership with citizens on issues touching the most important elements of Arlington life. As a member of the County's Planning Commission, I listened to over 500 hours of citizen comment from nearly every neighborhood in the County. I understand citizens' concerns about cut-through traffic and in-fill development. I will work with neighbors and other concerned parties to craft solutions to these challenges.

As a working mother with an eight year old son in the public schools, I understand first-hand the need for affordable child care, high quality after-school activities and excellent schools. Ensuring that our young people, especially those at risk, have the necessary opportunities to grow into productive adults will be one of my highest priorities.

Additionally, I would bring an outstanding record of professional accomplishment to the Board. As a skilled program manager formerly with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services--I am in a strong position to help Arlington deal with pressures from the state and federal governments to cut social service programs.

I ask you to examine my record. You will see a strongly qualified individual who will bring careful judgment, deep personal commitment and a vision for Arlington which will leave our children with a quality community. I ask for your vote on November 4, 1997.


Barbara Favola

Statement of Joszet S. Hudson (I)

Candidate for Arlington County Board

These are some of the things that I would do to make this a better Arlington and to enhance the livelihood of Arlingtonians:

I consider the voters obliged to elect officials, who will do as the majority of their constituents ask, and if not, the people should not put those officials back in office. The views of all of the citizens of this community are not being seriously considered by the current Board. A representative from some of the ethnic communities should be present on the Board to reflect the diverse make-up of Arlington County.

Elect a qualified, knowledgeable, experience, independent, mother, grassroots activist, who speaks five languages to the Arlington County Board in the Special Election.


Statement of Arlene W. Smith (Reform)

Candidate for Arlington County Board

Born 1942 in New York State, an Arlingtonian since 1963.

I received many school awards (e.g., the 1955 Good Citizenship Award from the Sons of the American Revolution, an induction into the National Honor Society), excelled in academics, extra-curricular activities, and student government, and as a teen always worked evenings, weekends, and summers.

After Dick Smith and I married, he became active in the Jaycees, I joined the Jaycee Wives (1965) and soon published the Wives' monthly newsletter (awarded for excellence). With two babies in diapers, I also became a Head Start teacher's aide.

1968-1973 brought new challenges as Dick and I launched a board game manufacturing company; I was its active Vice- President. Ultimately, our games sold nationally (in New York Thruway services plazas, Woodies, Toys R Us, etc.). Meanwhile, I continued volunteer work (as tutor, Camp Fire Girls leader, swim team Chief Timer, etc.)

I attained an A.A. degree (3.94 grade point average of possible 4.00) from N.V.C.C. in 1977, added several business courses, and managed real estate properties. In 1982 I began 13 years as a real estate agent for a major realty firm, with 2 years as office Relocation Specialist, 2 years as office liaison for the March of Dimes Phonathon, then added the Graduate Realtors Institute distinction and the Broker's License. During this period, I was often elected office liaison with company management; I was also Secretary and Audit Review Chair on a local association's board of directors.

When Ross Perot encouraged citizens to step forward to correct governmental abuse of power, my political life began, first as Assistant to the Regional Media Director of Virginians for Perot. In August 1992, I was elected Chair of the 8th Congressional District for the new United We Stand (later, UWSA). By Election Day of '92, with only meager donations, little equipment, but with fervent, hardworking volunteers, we had developed an organization that rallied, spread information, had an Info Hotline, held forums, and covered most polling places. Six months later, we had added an Issues Committee to oversee 7 topics committees, an Information Committee to oversee a newsletter and lending library, a Public Education/Political Monitoring Committee that produced six public forums, and a Local Action Committee. I was a founding Board member of the Perot Petition Committee and a leader in the process of party formation. I currently serve on the Board of the Virginia Independent Party, aka Virginia Reform Party. I've been Chair of many committees, including By-laws and Convention Rules. Currently, I am the Party's Corporate Secretary, Chair for the 8th Congressional District, Central Committee Delegation Chair, and Convention Delegate.

I am President of Arlene Smith Associates offering specialty services, including management. Dick and I have a close relationship with our grown children, daughter-in-law, son-in- law, and two grandchildren.

I've spent my lifetime representing others and leading. My goal as County Board will be to help Arlington by helping every willing citizen to fulfill his or her highest achievement potential.

3113 N. Inglewood Street

Arlington, VA 22207; 703-241-0210 (v & f)

Statement of Ben Winslow (R)

Candidate for Arlington County Board


As a County Board member from 1993 to 1995, I began a number of projects that I believe made Arlington a better place to live. Those projects have since been largely ignored by an all Democratic Board. I am running again to finish what I started. This County government again needs a watchdog. I will add balance to the Board and help assure that decisions are in the community's best interests.

I will focus on the basics -- public safety, quality education, and infrastructure services. By better prioritizing what the County can and should do, we can provide these basics while expanding the tax base, instilling honest fiscal responsibility, and protecting the most vulnerable in our society, such as our seniors. This is a full agenda, but I really enjoy public service.

I have been active in numerous civic and community organizations. My involvement in government grew out of those activities.

This County is doing less with more of our valuable tax dollars. We ought to face the facts and finally recognize that Government cannot do it all. If we, as a Government, make sure that our needs for public safety, quality public education, and public works, like road repairs, are taken care of first and that social needs are met in a partnership with the private sector, we may actually be able to do more with less.

Contrasting my attitude with that of my Democratic opponent, I promise to continue to listen rather than preach on all public policy matters. When I was on the Board, in your neighborhood, I listened and followed up on your local concerns on a number of matters, such as: crime (including aggressive panhandling), the North Quincy Street extension, GMU parking, the lack of parks and recreation areas in the METRO corridor, problems with the Ballston Commons parking garage, and retaining meeting space for civic groups in the Windsor Towers Building.

I have a solid record on crime, overall County infrastructure policies, and the schools that has benefitted your neighborhood as has my dedication to implementing sound financial policies. I know the problems; I have viable solutions. On the Board, I had proposed a stronger County role in promoting home ownership programs. Under current programs, success is measured in the number of rental housing units established and subsidized or how many public assistance recipients are receiving checks. My idea of success is measured by the number of people whose dependence on the County is diminished because they can meet their own needs.

Last spring, I help work on an alternative budget proposal that would not have raised tax rates but which would have given more money to the schools and public safety through efficiencies elsewhere. Afterward, the two newest Board members issued a similar proposal. With my vote on the Board that proposal could have passed and taxes would not have been raised for yet another year. Times are changing; my vote can be a part of a new majority on the Board.


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