Civic Association Newsletter

May/June 1996 - Volume 19, No. 9


The Executive Committee would like to express our congratulations to BVSCA President, Ernie Ragland, who was awarded the 1996 Journal Cup by the Arlington County Civic Federation, at the Federation's Gala 80th Anniversary Banquet held on May 11, 1996, at the Fort Meyer Officers Club.

The Chairman of the Arlington County Civic Federation's Awards Committee, David Foster, announced the award, and praised BVSCA President Ragland for his work as editor of the Ballston-Virginia Square Civic Association's widely acclaimed Newsletter, and his efforts in leading the development of the Association's home page on the Internet World Wide Web (see ""). Also, the Federation's Chairman noted that President Ragland has been his Civic Association's delegate to the Federation since 1993, and previously served as vice president and secretary of his Association. On behalf of the newspaper, the trophy award was presented to Ernie Ragland by Alan Fogg, Opinion page editor of the Journal Newspapers.

Also, at the banquet, two delegates were awarded the Distinguished Meritorious Service by the Arlington County Civic Federation. Roye Lowry, was honored for his volunteer work on behalf of Glencarlyn Elementary School, and for his service on the Arlington County Board and many Federation committees. Scott McGeary, the current Civic Federation president, was honored for his work with the Arlington Chamber of Commerce, the Arlington Symphony, the Arlington County Taxpayers Association, and other organizations. Further, three delegates were awarded certificates of appreciation by the Federation for outstanding service to the community. These included: Rebecca Gray and David Jones from the Arlington Ridge Civic Association, and John Nicholas from the Boulevard Manor Civic Association.

The Federation's 80th Anniversary Banquet was attended by 174 people, including many of Arlington's political leaders, such as: Congressman James Moran; Edward M. Holland (former State Senator); State Senators Janet Howell, Patsy Ticer, and Mary Margaret Whipple; Delegates Judy Connally and Karen Darner; Board Chairman Jim Hunter; and Board Members Ellen Bozman, Paul Ferguson, and Chris Zimmerman.


At our April meeting, we elected a Nominating Committee consisting of the following three members, David Ryan, Rohan Samaraweera, and Giocanda Vallarino. The report of the Nominating Committee and Elections are scheduled from 7:35 to 8:00 p.m. at the Annual Membership Meeting, Wednesday, May 29, 1996, at the Arlington Renaissance Hotel, 2nd Floor Conference Rooms, above the Ballston Metro Station.

Committee Chair, Rohan Samaraweera reports the Committee's nominees for the Association's 1996-'97 officerships and other representative positions, as follows:

President: Ernest Ragland

Vice-President: Deem Gillmore

Treasurer & Secretary of Member Records: Richard Ellis

Recording & Corresponding Secretary: David Ryan

Neighborhood Conservation Advisory Committee ("NCAC") Representative: Nancy Iacomini

Alternate NCAC Representative: Jeff Green

Executive Committee: Rohan Samaraweera, Past President; Dorothy Sticken, Hayden Bryan; and the 4 Officers and the NCAC Representative and Alternate NCAC Representative

Arlington County Civic Federation Delegates: Richard Ellis; Deem Gillmore; Ernest Ragland; and, Rohan Samaraweera

Arlington County Civic Federation Alternate Delegates: Jeff Green; Nancy Iacomini; David Ryan; and Dorothy Sticken

As the 1996-'97 Association year begins in June, the elected officers and other representatives will assume their responsibilities beginning June 1, 1996. The elected Arlington County Civic Federation Delegates and Alternate Delegates will assume their responsibilities at the beginning of the Civic Federation's new membership year which commences in September 1996.


As the 1995-'96 Membership year draws to a close, it is with great pleasure that your Executive Committee looks back and reports to you on a year which saw our dues paid membership increase from 270 to over 320.

On the subject of continuing activities: The Association conducted its third annual fall membership survey this past year, which former President, Bob Sherretta, first initiated in 1993. Last fall, we received 65 member responses which helped guide the Executive Committee's actions and positions on issues throughout the year. The Association's outstanding Newsletter has continued to gain accolades, readership, and recognition around the County, as reflected by the Arlington County Civic Federation's award of the 1996 Journal Cup to President Ragland, in part, for his editorship of the Newsletter. Also, many citizens from Arlington and outside the County now read the Association's Newsletter via the Ballston-Virginia Square Civic Association home page on the Internet World Wide Web (""), which was successfully launched in July 1995, and monthly updated since that time.

Behind the scenes, keeping all of our records straight, our Secretary of Members Records and Treasurer, Richard Ellis continues to handle a mountain of bookkeeping and paper work. In addition to President Ragland, our Vice-President Deem Gillmore; NCAC Representative Nancy Iacomini; and Executive Committee Members, Hayden Bryan, David Ryan, and Dorothy Sticken have represented the Association, as our designated speakers, at various Planning Commission and County Board hearings this past Membership year.

The Member Information Line Telephone Number, 528-1887, a.k.a. MILTN, which was first initiated as a 4 month test in 1994 by Rohan Samaraweera, is an effective communications tool for notifying our members of upcoming events and changes in schedule. Members and other citizens regularly call it to leave messages about matters of concern, and to listen to the many announcements that the Association has made this year. Also, more and more of our members are beginning to use electronic mail to communicate with our Association (e-mail address: ""). Hayden Bryan will continue his efforts as our Association's GMU Expansion Committee Co- Chair. The third annual Christmas party, last December, was a smashing success with 64 members and guests participating.

On the subject of issues that we dealt with: The following is a summary of, or an index to, the highlights of your Association's past year's activities, as reported in prior BVSCA Newsletters during the past Membership year. If you have not saved the prior Newsletters, one may download back issues in in ASCI standard form from the Ballston-Virginia Square Civic Association home page at "", or one may contact MILTN, the Member Information Line Telephone Number (703) 528-1887, and the Association will try to locate a back issue for you.

On the subject of needed improvements: We need to see more members and more participation in all our activities. We hope that in the future, many more new faces will attend our meetings and join our membership ranks. Thank you for your support of the Ballston-Virginia Square Civic Association.

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