Civic Association Newsletter

January/February 1997 - Volume 20, No. 4


The Association has obtained a copy of a letter dated December 9, 1996, from N. K. Hook, Jr., Deputy Director, Department of Public Works, to Marty Almquist, Chair, Board of Directors, Ballston Partnership, regarding sidewalks at Ballston construction sites. "...Currently, there are three building developments nearing construction which are likely to close or request to close the public sidewalks along their developments in the next few months. They are the north end of Stuart Park, the south end of Stuart Park and the Nature Conservancy. The affected streets are Fairfax Drive, Wilson Boulevard, Stuart and Taylor Streets. The major pedestrian destinations are the Ballston Common Mall, the Ballston Metro Station, various office and residential locations in the immediate area.

Consideration for the pedestrian circulation with regard to the closure of sidewalks is given by Public Works after joint project review with the developer, the building office, the planning and the zoning office. Consideration is also given to the ability to construct the development given any uniqueness of the site or its location, sequence of construction, available sidewalks and the needs of the surrounding area for sidewalk access.

For these three developments described above the walkway treatment will be as follows: The north end of Stuart Park, which began excavation this week [the week of December 9, 1996], will provide a covered walkway along the south side of Fairfax Drive and maintain a walkway along a portion of the Stuart Street frontage for the Metro Station Kiss and Ride activities. The sidewalk will be closed along the Taylor Street frontage and most construction will be staged from this side of the site. A sidewalk is available along the opposite side of Taylor between Fairfax Drive and Wilson Boulevard.

The development at the south end of Stuart Park is expected to start construction in 1997. A sidewalk along Wilson Boulevard between Taylor and Stuart will be retained and covered if required by the building code. The walk along Taylor and Stuart will most likely be permitted to be closed because adequate walks are available on the opposite side of both streets.

The third site which is the Nature Conservancy is expected to start in 1997 will be required to retain and protect the sidewalk and metro elevator area on the north side of Fairfax Drive between Taylor and Stuart Street. The Stuart and Taylor walks most likely will be permitted to be closed because adequate walks are available on the opposite sides of those streets.

This is the planned walkway approach for the overall construction duration of these projects. There may need to be some variations to the walkway provisions to facilitate some construction stages which will cause temporary closures and detours to enable the final building or site construction to be performed. For example, the installation of the building skin in the area of the walkway or the completion of site or utility work where the walk is located will dictate its relocation. However, in those cases the time periods will be minimized and alternate routes will be required. Should you need any further information please let me know."

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