Civic Association Newsletter

December 1996 - Volume 20, No. 3


The Hecht Company at Ballston Common Mall is requesting to expand its administrative office area by adding 39,745 square feet of new office gross floor area to their building. This new office space would be achieved by enclosing and remodeling the existing 5th floor terrace (1,745 sq. ft.) and adding a new 6th floor (38,000 sq. ft.). The new square footage being added to the existing Hecht's building would be transferred from the approved, but unbuilt office building planned on the existing "point" parking area.

This addition would affect only the Hecht's building of the mall complex, and the facade of the expansion has been designed to match the existing building. The height of the Hecht's building would increase from 81.65 feet to 102 feet (6 stories), which is below the maximum 12 stories permitted under the current zoning of the site. The new office area created by the addition will be used for administrative personnel only, and not for any sales activities. The offices at the site will become the headquarters for the Hecht Company division of the May Department Stores. Given the unused capacity currently existing in the Ballston Common Mall parking garage, there will be sufficient parking available for additional administrative employees.

During review of this request by the Site Plan Review Subcommittee, it was requested that the homeowners' associations of the Alta Vista and Jefferson be contacted by County staff to see if they had any specific concerns. The Arlington County Staff Coordinator for this project is Freida Wray, 703-358-3525, and this request will be heard by the Planning Commission on January 6, 1997 and the County Board on January 11, 1997.

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