Civic Association Newsletter

April/May 1997 - Volume 20, No. 6

Statement of Barbara Favola (D)

Dear Ballston/Virginia Square Neighbors:

The County Board race will shape Arlington well into the 21st century. It is about defining ourselves as a community and articulating the values we want to uphold. My overall priority will be ensuring that Arlington continues to provide high- quality services for the lowest tax burden in the region. Specific areas I will focus on are listed below:

Ensuring public safety is one of the primary missions of local government. We must provide this service with the utmost expertise and creativity. As the mother of a school-aged child I am particularly sensitive about the importance of safe streets. As your Board member, I will work to extend community policing to all neighborhoods and to promote neighborhood watch networks. I am also committed to providing opportunities for at-risk youth to join an Arlington Youth Volunteer Corps.

Protecting the environment is an investment in our future which we must embrace. I will continue to advocate for implementation of the Open Space Master Plan and to support Arlington's outstanding community beautification programs. Policies to contain urban sprawl and encourage mass transit options must be redefined for a growing community.

Growing the economy must also be part of our vision for the future. As your Board member, I will advance first-rate professional management of county programs and resources. I will also lead an effort with businesses, citizens, schools and government to develop and implement a plan for prudent economic growth.

Investing in Arlingtonians is a critical component in keeping our community healthy and safe. As your Board member I will support Arlington's excellent schools and work to ensure that quality after-school programs are in place. It is also important as a community to make available affordable child care and preventive health services for Arlingtonians of all ages.

Professionally, I worked for nearly 15 years at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in the areas of health policy and budget analysis. Currently, I serve as Assistant to the President of Marymount University for Government Relations. My experience as a working mom makes me acutely aware of the need for affordable quality child care and supervised after school activities.

During this same period, I served Arlingtonians on numerous Advisory Committees and Commissions. Most recently, I was a Planning Commissioner and helped shape policies to protect open space and to improve traffic management.

I ask you to examine my community record. You will see a strongly qualified individual who will bring deep personal commitment and the new perspective of a working mom to the County Board. I ask for your vote on Tuesday, June 10 at your regular polling place between the hours of 6 am and 7 pm.

Authorized by Barbara Favola, Candidate for the Arlington County Board

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